You have 17 drafts

I’ve been writing for the web as a blogger since before it was called blogging, and yet….I don’t blog regularly. In fact, I stopped blogging regularly before blogging was the new black. 

I had a long post written about my thoughts on blogging, and how I came to be the way I am. But then it got complicated. I almost saved it as a draft.

I know better.

I have 17 drafts already saved on my blog. Saving an entry as a draft is its kiss of death.

So I am going to publish this entry, because I am through with drafting and not publishing.

There’s always tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “You have 17 drafts”

  1. Amen! I too am victim to a swelling draft box. I got an iPhone recently and started a site, I wanted something almost exclusively mobile so I’d be more inclined to publish what I intended to publish. When I sit at a notebook or desktop, I’m so driven to make alot more of my thoughts than I initially planned. Trying to ‘sell’ them to a potential reader I guess. All I really wanted, at the core, was to share a thought I thought someone else might relate to. Well said ma’am. (btw, I LOVVVEEESS your twitter avatar. Super cute)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I was getting to ready to ask you what’s wrong with saving a post as a draft, then I signed into my wordpress account… I realized I have 31 draft entries (they sure add up quickly), 34 if you count the ones on my phone. Point taken!

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