Workcationing In Chicago

I’m in Chicago for a few weeks, vacationing and working. I’m trying to keep a balance, but so far it feels like more vacationing is going on. I have a very exciting client project I’m working on though, so it doesn’t feel like work in the traditional brow-beating sense.

I’m staying downtown, and I must say Chicago is a very nice city. I’ve only been here once before, and that was to see our President give his victory speech on election night (awesome day that was). I liked Chicago then, but it’s even nicer in the summertime. The area I’m staying in is particularly awesome and seemingly affordable compared to Los Angeles and Manhattan. Rarely am I impressed by a city that’s not LA or NYC, but Chicago is becoming one of my favorite other cities.

Anyway, just thought I would check in. You can catch some of my photos during my trip on my Tumblog. I have much more to blog about, but I always get a bit turned off by the oversharing-ness of the web. Hmm.


2 thoughts on “Workcationing In Chicago”

  1. Aaaaaaaiiite? 😀
    Good Deal!.. I stayed next to the House of Blues when I was in Chicago. Make sure you take the river architecture tour! It seems like every single building on the river was created by a DIFFERENT person! 😀

  2. Bill – I have heard the river architecture tour is cool. I’m staying right by it too. I might check it out while I’m here. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

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