Workcation, Not Actually A Workcation

Week 1 of my workcation is over, and I am beginning to think I should be working more than usual. For example, this is my weekend off from the office, but I feel the need to put in hours and work as if I were at the office. I’m on site with my client for a set amount of days and I want to get in as much work as I can while I am here in person.

This Workcation is turning out to just be Work.

Not that I don’t love my work. When I am really focused and productive it’s the best thing in the world. I lose track of time, but it’s fun. I am enjoying the flexibility of being my own boss, and don’t regret making that jump. Don’t get me wrong it has its good and bad parts (good: I only worked 30 hours in the month of December! Bad: my bank account didn’t like me). I think I can work this weekend and not feel guilty for having workaholic habits; this just means when I get back home I can take more than a day off from the daily grind.

I have a lot of things swimming in my head right now, as I am assisting in launching two mildly intense websites.  I don’t know firsthand what motherhood is like, but sometimes I feel as though launching websites is much like giving birth to children, and maintaining and improving them is much like raising a child. Its intense and stressful, LOL.

Okay, I am going to attempt to get out and see Atlanta today. Toodles.

3 thoughts on “Workcation, Not Actually A Workcation”

  1. Roy! They are coming! I have them on different cards, different computers due to some space issues I was having. I will try to get them up first week of Feb!
    @ShandaR, yeah I will probably stand by that until I actually carry and child and realize there is nothing else in the world like it haha.

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