VSB Turns Two

Today my project on the side, VerySmartBrothas.com turned two years old.

I can’t believe it’s been two years already! Seems like yesterday P was blowing up my IM box with this “brilliant idea” for a site called “Very Smart Brothas.” I thought he was crazy but said okay, I’d support him and Champ however I could with my tech know-how.

Two years, traffic keeps growing and growing. I pretty much test out a lot of things on VSB. They’re the perfect guinea pig, mostly because of their consistency of content output, and well, attractive content. Somewhere in our history of traffic I did a few things on the site, and traffic increased in a crazy way. Our traffic graph for the last two years does some interesting things right in the middle of the graph. I need to go back and see what it is I did lol.

Anyhoo, the site is increasingly calling for more attention. While we never set out to make money via ads (anybody using a rev model based on ads alone is sorely mistaken), I think it’s time I redesign the site (a real design, not this point and click thing I have set up) and include some ad inventory and do some other organizing. I need an intern. We’ll be exploring (and have been successful with) speaking engagements and promotional items so far, so that’s been great.

Anyway, thanks to all my friends and readers who continue to support my lil group project.

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