Barbie Dream House

Yesterday I couldn’t resist the urge to take a tour of an apartment building here in Los Angeles.

I know, I live in NYC.

I know, I just moved to NYC.

But, I couldn’t help it. You see, this building has been under construction for the two years I have passed by it (it’s in my neck of the woods), and it’s finally complete and ready for tenants.

It has tons  of amenities. Beautiful gym, office rooms, lounge rooms, large hallways, every unit has washer/dryers, new stainless steel appliances, huge pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room.


It’s like my dream apartment. Yes, my dream apartment is a studio. For some reason, I don’t see myself needing a lot of space. I don’t have a lot of furniture–particularly expensive furniture–and I don’t see myself buying a ton anytime soon. I move around way too much to have a lot of furniture. A perfectly well planned studio is all I need in my life, and I have found it.

But, it’s in LA. And I live in NYC. Boo.

You know, this bi-coastal living is pretty nice, I must say. If I could really pull off having two apartments in two cities, it would be the best magic trick. Two homes or condos would be an even better trick.

A girl can dream. 

NY State of Mind

I’m up late. Thinking about moving.

For the last 18 months I have had this itch to move to New York City. Some days the itch is faint. Other days it’s ridiculously strong. I don’t have any strong reasons to move to NYC (job, family); my sole motivation is to do it just to see if I can do it. Then move back to California where I will (presumably) get married and have children and raise them in sunny Orange County, preferably Irvine or Newport Beach. If you knew either of these two cities, you might want to barf, as they’re pretty much the epitome of Levittown, only with better weather and  Asians. I can’t help it though, I grew up in Tustin, and my first job was in Newport Beach. I spent my entire life watching the happy people live their happy little Levittown lives in Irvine and Newport, I guess that was my reference point for The American Dream.

Back to NYC. My ace Boom lives in NYC. Lots of cool people I know and love live in NYC. LA is starting to bore me. Yes, I love the weather. I hate driving. That’s a lie, I love to drive. I hate the time spent driving though. I love my New Mexico road trips. I don’t like how a NM road trip is the equivalent of a trip to the San Gabriel Valley for me. But I do feel bored here. Social life is almost stifling here.  

I started to look on craigslist for NYC apartments. I can’t help but feel like a fish out of water, toying with this idea. I haven’t been so off kilter since my first week arriving at MIT back in ’99. I remember it so vividly, my first night there. My parents shipped me off to MIT all by my lonesome. My dorm room was so bare and sterile. I was afraid to walk outside by myself at night. I was obsessed with not losing my dorm room keys. It was just me, in this new foreign place. For years I tried to avoid that feeling, but now, I kind of yearn for it again. Newness.

I just may put a plan in motion to move to NYC. Not making any promises. I did move out to LA for A Reason and I have yet to seriously confront that Reason. I have my excuses (work, school, new business), but in reality I have never given it the ole college try. Moving to NYC would mean turning on that idea for now, and so I wonder, do I have the guts to go for what I said I wanted? Do I still want It?

We shall see.


If you happen to be in the Miami, FL area,  tonight The Champ, myself, and possibly Panama Jackson of will be guests on Keeping It Real with Te-Ericka,
a radio show on WBRY 1640 AM. The show airs every Friday from 10 pm until midnight, EST.   We’ll be on there discussing internet dating and
relationships.  If you’re not in the area but want to hear us kicking
that dopeness, you can also stream the show here: (click on Listen Now/Live Stream). So far we are slotted to appear in the middle of the show. See you there!


I am in Atlanta having the time of my life. Okay, so it’s not exactly all fun and games. I am actually here visiting with a client of mine, so it’s business. But since my business is composed of FUN things I LIKE to do, all my business work is fun. I really do love what I do and the awesome and inspiring people I work with. I also get excited by the things my clients have cooking, and I want to hurry up and help them release them to the world so they can get feedback and just keep improving on their products.

Lately I have been on a new music kick, finding tracks that speak to me, or keep me emphatically lip syncing in the car. This week, my fave tracks are:

1. It’s Over by John Legend feat. Kanye West. “Newsflash: shorty we over / We like Def Jam and Hova”
2. Miss Independent by Ne-Yo. I can appreciate someone who can appreciate an independent woman. Still keeping hope alive over here, lol.
3.  Love Lockdown by Kanye West. I love Yeezy on AutoTune. This song may or may not be hip hop, but it’s dope.
4. Live Your Life by TI feat Rihanna. This is the new theme song of the week. I don’t like how Rihanna comes hard on the hook and TI sounds like Mumbles Malone. Not a fan of his delivery on this one, but the hook makes up for it.

Hopefully I will get back to the A soon enough. This was just a quick trip to dip in and dip out. I missed seeing a lot of folks I would have liked to meet up with, but I hope my next trip will be a little less packed in schedule. I need to do  better at that whole SOCIAL part of Social Media.  

Okay I didn’t sleep at all last night, so I am going to go ahead and enjoy this comfy huge king bed calling my name.