Thoughts on the New Facebook Profile + Profile Security

I kinda like the new photostrip across the top on the new Facebook profile. But, it’s bizarre that they let me “control” which photos show up (by crossing out the ones I don’t want to show up), since a different set of photos show up depending on  the visitor of your page. My set looks different from a friend, looks different from a friend of a friend, looks different from a stranger.

I think I’d prefer to be able to place my Top 5 photos, kinda like a throwback to the MySpace Top 8. Only more self-serving.

Speaking of top friends, I don’t like my friends list along the left column. In the old iteration I selected 9 people to always be there when I load my profile. I can’t do that anymore. Now it’s all random. I liked this feature so I could remember to go to certain people’s profiles (i.e. I don’t care about anyone else).

A friend demo’d Firesheep to me in Starbucks recently. He took over my Facebook profile through his browser, posted on my wall, and who knows what else he did to my profile. He could read my messages, add friends for me, maybe even read the chats I was in (not sure about that one). Even after we parted ways, and he took his laptop home, he was still able to access my profile and use it (probably because he  never closed his browser session). It’s an interesting experiment. You guys should really use HTTPS Everywhere when you’re out on public WiFi.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the New Facebook Profile + Profile Security”

    1. Oh right, I did read that somewhere. But I don’t like to use FB lists (i.e. don’t need Facebook knowing how I prioritize people I know), and I have too many friends to put them all in lists.

  1. It’s a little too late too want to be secretive now LOL This is FB we’re talking about…I didn’t mean put them all in lists…but the 9 you said you had showing all the time…

    1. Nope. I don’t use lists at all lol. It’s not necessarily because I don’t want them to know who is who. It’s more about the data they collect on the behavior of my lists. One less data point they can have on me.

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