The 4 x 4 Meme

Memes are so 2004, but I am going to do one because I was tagged by Bill who was tagged by Jane Quigley. You’re given 4 questions and you need to give 4
answers. I’m pretty sure I have done this meme before, in my previous 5 years of blogging, but hey why not do it again?

4 Places I’ve lived
1)  Tucumcari, NM
2)  Compton, CA
3)  Cambridge, MA
4)  Southie

4 Movies I can watch over and over
1) The Color Purple
2) Glitter (don’t hate!)
3) Imitation of Life
4) The Matrix

4 Things I look forward to this year
2) My sorority’s 100 Year Anniversary Convention
3) Starting my own business
4) More time to spend my money (as a result of #1, but possibly canceled out by #3)

4 of my Favorite foods:
1) Sushi
2) Thai curry dishes
3) Pesto pasta dishes
4) fried oysters

4 thoughts on “The 4 x 4 Meme”

  1. They’re not my thing either. I did it for Jane. 🙂
    Tucumari? That’s HILARIOUS! I’ll have to make a video from when Lee Van Cleef mentioned Tucumcari, hahahaha.

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