Heads Up: HelloBeautiful.com Says You Need To Know Me

HelloBeautiful 25 Black Women to Know: Liz Burr
Thank you HelloBeautiful!


Over at VerySmartBrothas, we get lots of e-mail–many of which are press releases. This morning I opened our inbox to find a press release announcing Hello Beautiful.com’s 25 Black Women You Should Know About, a list that includes yours truly!

Obviously you’re already ahead of the game, because you know (of) me (since you’re here on my site;)), but read  the writeup on me and check out the other 24 (AWESOME!) women. I don’t know why I was chosen to be in such great company, but I am very inspired by these ladies!

4 Ways to Learn More About Me & My Work

It’s been a busy past few weeks. Between GRAMMY week decompress (still need to blog about that!), VSB press, client work, and my looking for a job (yeah, about that…), my life has been a bit hectic. I did manage to squeeze in four interviews you can check out:

  1. I talked with W Social Marketing about my work with The Recording Academy and general social media loveliness. Read the interview over there: The GRAMMYs, Blogging, & Social Gaming: Interview with Liz Burr
  2. I talked with Kimberly Foster about social media, my work with VSB and my general career path. We had a great chat! Listen to my interview here: Liz Burr Discusses New Media and Community Building
  3. I was featured last week as the “Natural Chick of the Week” on the Thank God I’m Natural blog. I was asked to talk about my hair (of course) as well as my experience going on a 40-day fast. I don’t usually talk about my fasting very publicly, but I have been fasting off and on since 2005 and in October 2010 I completed my first 40-day fast (juice and water). You can read my full story: Natural Chick of the Week: Liz Burr (The 40 Day Juice Faster)
  4. This one isn’t really about me, but my side piece, Very Smart Brothas. The blog was in The Washington Post today (Style section, what!). We interviewed for this article a little while ago, and now it’s out! Peep the article and my (very brief) shout out: “Very Smart Brothas’ blog answers African Americans’ questions on life, love and culture”

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of talking about myself. These were all lovely interviews to be apart of! I’m thankful people care enough to invite me to give them a piece of my mind!

VerySmartBrothas: From Blog to Book to TV

Panama Jackson on Weekly with Ed Gordon
Panama Jackson is the headlining guest on “Weekly with Ed Gordon” on BET. He’s talking about the book, "Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm at Night.”

So. This happened.

It’s all been happening kinda fast, but if you didn’t know, we (meaning VerySmartBrothas.com) released a book a few weeks ago, called Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm at Night: the Very Smart Brothas Guide to Dating, Mating and Fighting Crime. Panama Jackson and Damon Young (fellow co-founders and generally awesome writers of the blog) wrote this book three years ago, and one day asked me to help them set up and run a site/blog that would be a companion for the book. We’ve been rockin with the blog for a minute now and they finally released the self-published book early last month.

I have been touch and go with the book promo. To be honest, the book was suddenly ready and Damon kinda wanted to hurry up and get the book out for public consumption. I’m seemingly never ready to do anything (I like to wait for the proverbial “perfect time” that never happens), but we released the book (self-published on Amazon.com) without any real publicity plan (I’ve been super busy).

Anyway. A week or so passes, we get some press on TheRoot.com, a few book reviews here and there on some blogs. We top a chart or two on Amazon.com. And then some national press starts knocking on our door. Or, our e-mail inbox. We have a piece running in a national newspaper soon (fingers crossed). BET’s Weekly with Ed Gordon invited us to be on their relationships episode, and they asked us to be the headlining one-on-one segment (which is why PJ is there alone, without Damon). We have a satellite radio interview coming up soon, as well. All because of our talent as a team, great writing by the guys, some social media and branding mojo and a supportive community.

This has been interesting, to say the least. We don’t have agents. We don’t have publicists. We typically are poor at networking with other bloggers. We barely find the time to publicize ourselves (outside of Facebook, Twitter, and most recently, Tumblr). But it’s been cool to see how far this book and our message can reach people, with just a blog and a self-published book. I don’t want to say we didn’t try to make this happen, but we really are winging it at this point. Thankfully, some cool opportunities have been coming our way.

I spent today with Panama at the taping of the Ed Gordon show. It was pretty fun. Sure, this isn’t NBC Nightly News or anything, but…my best friend is on TV! For a project that we (us + Damon) have worked on for the last three years. I am pretty happy and amazed. And proud.

We haven’t been told when the episode will air yet, but the show airs on Sunday nights on BET. I watched the whole thing from the dressing room and thought P did a bang up job. We heard the producers were cracking up in the control room during his interview, and I could tell afterwards that the show’s staff really took his tongue-in-cheek relationships advice to heart. He’s such a natural, and this is totally his element. I hope he gets more opportuities to do TV, VSB-related or not.


Music + Location + Tech: Mapping Memories with @theGRAMMYs

Jay Z MusicMapper tagJust a quick note to let you know my first post for the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards season is up on GRAMMY.com! The post is titled, “Map Your Music Memories,” and in the post I review the pretty spiffy MusicMapper app The Recording Academy launched earlier this month. I think the iPhone app is cool (it’s also available on Android phones), but the website that goes with it is even cooler: MusicIsLifeIsMusic.

When I was in LA earlier this month I had a chance to meet with some folks at The Recording Academy, and they are looking to add new features to the site and app in the coming months. One thing I’ve learned about working with them, they’re always full of surprises, especially as the awards get closer and closer 🙂

Right now I have tagged about 45 songs on the global map. You can check out my timeline here and get all up in my music memory business.