Vote or Die (for Me!): SXSWi and the BWAs

Today I have two things I need you all to gear up and vote for.

First, I am working with two lovely gentlemen, J Brotherlove (@jbrotherlove) and Brandon Sheats (@sheatsb), to get our panel picked at SXSW Interactive next year. The name of our panel is:

Online Gatekeeping: Who Died and Made You King?

As the web
becomes more open via social networks, we’re adopting new rules of
communication. But who creates these rules? How much does class, race
and gender figure into social media policing? We’ll discuss how
identity affects social networks, as well as look at how online
communities police themselves as participation expands.

When J and Brandon approached me about collaborating with them on this panel I thought it was such a GREAT idea! We would really appreciate it if you could create a little SXSW account and vote for our panel (click on the thumbs up icon) here. Voting will close at the end of the day on Friday, September 4. SXSW was pretty freaking fun (and educational) last March, it would be awesome to be able to be on another panel next year.

Secondly, I need your help with the 2009 Black Weblog Awards. My blog (not this blog, the other blog I co-founded and manage), Very Smart Brothas, is a finalist and up for four awards this year:

  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Sex and Relationships Blog
  • Best Writing in A Blog
  • Blog To Watch

The boys and I are happy to have made the finalist list this year (four times!!), and our blog keeps growing every day. You can go on ahead and begin the two step (and quick) voting process here. Voting ends September 1.

If you love me, you’ll vote! Thanks for reading!


If you happen to be in the Miami, FL area,  tonight The Champ, myself, and possibly Panama Jackson of will be guests on Keeping It Real with Te-Ericka,
a radio show on WBRY 1640 AM. The show airs every Friday from 10 pm until midnight, EST.   We’ll be on there discussing internet dating and
relationships.  If you’re not in the area but want to hear us kicking
that dopeness, you can also stream the show here: (click on Listen Now/Live Stream). So far we are slotted to appear in the middle of the show. See you there!

VSB Turns 100

Today Panama posted the 100th post on It was a momentous occasion for us all, so we ended up posting the VSB 100th Post Commentator Awards, which was pretty freaking hilarious if you ask me. We unveiled our VSB clothing line. Ok, so it’s not exactly a clothing line, it’s an online t-shirt shop that let us scribble some text on some shirts. We will have a real deal t-shirt design shop at some point soon…when we have money and I have the time lol.

There’s quite a bit of mystique behind running this site, if you ask me. Some days P or The Champ will post something they thought they completely mailed in, and it will end up breaking our comment record, or it will be our highest pageview/visitor day. People email us all the time, asking our secrets on blogging. I’m not sure there is a secret, unless you count the secret sauce those two posess. We post once a day, 5 days a week, at midnight. We have a format schedule for the week, and some other things we monitor. But the rest is just personality.

Anyway, as much as I wish I could keep up with the hundreds of comments the site gets everyday, I can’t. I try to read them at night, or read them via email notifications. The VSB readers are a passionate bunch. I had the pleasure of meeting up with a passionate VSB Reader for the first time when I was at my sorority national covention, and it was pretty wild for me to see her tell all her friends about our site and how much she loves it. Reading the (almost 700) comments today was awesome, as we asked some of our lurkers to come out of the woodwork and tell us about themselves. Hearing how we help people get through their day at work just makes me want to work harder at improving the site for everyone. No we aren’t saving lives, or planting trees, but it still feels good to put a smile on somebody’s face.  

I thank P and The Champ for making this site so awesome to be apart of. I definitely love having the dataset of readers/users to please and authors/co-owners to serve. It’s kind of like a big internet science experiment for me. Personally I think I’ve been mailing it on the tech side thus far, and I’ve been barely getting by lol. Soon I will have more time to do the things I know the site needs. It really can be a fulltime job after a certain point, and the site’s growth is pretty steady.

Okay, enough gushing. Thanks to everybody who listens to me ramble on about my beloved friends and our crazy website. Picks Up 3 Black Web Award Nominations

So. My babies got nominated for three Black Web Awards!

Mind you, I have never even heard of the Black Web Awards, but apparently they’ve been doing this for three years. Now you can cite me on being late to something web-related (it happens rarely). Thanks to everyone who nominated us!

Don’t feel like you can’t go on over and vote for us. We will love you for forever.