Twitter: So Full of Awesome This Week

Twitter has been great this week!

I woke up (kinda late) this morning, grouchy and pissed off. Logged onto Twitter and what did I see?

?uestlove of The Roots shouted out my other blog,, on Twitter (he has over 1.3M followers)!

And yesterday? I got a DM (private direct message) from Jaleel White. Yes, that Jaleel White.


I love you, Twitter!

Why @Tyrese4Real is For Real About Social Media

A while ago I got wind that actor/singer Tyrese Gibson had joined Twitter and was begging people to follow him. I knew this because Tyrese hijacked MC Hammer’s Twitter account and was telling people to follow him. I didn’t pay him any mind because although I like his music, and I think he is very easy on the eyes (I had a fangirl moment when I saw him in a restaurant back in 2004), people who beg for followers really annoy me. Begging for followers is usually a sign that the begger in question doesn’t understand Twitter.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Tyrese ran the best Twitter contest I have seen in a long time:

  • He asked his followers to nominate single mothers for a Valentine’s Day date.
  • 1100+ single mothers entered the contest, and he picked 14 of them to be treated to a day spa extravaganza in Beverly Hills.
  • Not only was the event well-planned, but he did due diligence by taping the event, and putting together a sizzle package on YouTube for everyone to see just how awesome he is.

Peep the video here:

I don’t really know what Tyrese was trying to “sell” here, if anything, but I think this was an awesome execution of a Twitter contest. I’ve been running a few Twitter contests for my clients lately and I’ve found that many contests out there lack creativity. Once they’re over, people forget about the work you’ve put out there running contests, especially if you were attempting to leave a positive (and lasting) brand impression. Sure, the winners have a great time (free prizes), but if the goal is to leave a lasting impression with your audience at large, Twitter contests are low on output. Not to mention–if you’ve ever run a Twitter contest you know there is a whole contingency of people whose sole purpose on Twitter is to enter contests, regardless of what brand you are representing, or what demographic you are trying to reach.

Anyway, Tyrese gets a social media gold star from me (as if he knew that existed, or needed one, ha!). Even though I had no idea he was running this contest, I was able to get some warm fuzzies from this video, I am now more likely to follow him, and I’m likely check out that spa in Beverly Hills (I love spas). Tyrese is now back into my social media good graces. Nice job Tyrese!

Follow Me At The GRAMMYs!

GRAMMY_AdLOGO.JPGThe time has finally come–GRAMMY festivities are in full swing for me and my fellow Community Blogging comrades. My schedule is about to get pretty crazy between now and Sunday night. I just wanted to invite you all to follow me on Twitter as I cover some GRAMMY events (official and unofficial) this weekend. Some events I will attending:

  • The GRAMMY Foundation’s 12th
    Annual Entertainment Law Initiative Luncheon featuring Sen. Barbara Boxer as the keynote speaker
  • Social Media Rock Star Summit: a panel featuring Jared Leto, David Karp, Kevin Rose, Pete Cashmore moderated by Rick Sanchez at the GRAMMY museum
  • Rehearsals at the Staples Center
  • Pre-telecast Ceremony at the Staples Center
  • The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (I’ll either be in the audience or backstage!)
  • The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards After Party

I’ll be at some other events and receptions thrown in between there. I’ll definitely be tweeting and blogging, among other things between now and Sunday night. As always, you can follow the official GRAMMY Twitter stream at @TheGRAMMYs for the latest info.

Make sure you watch the GRAMMYs Live on CBS this Sunday, January 31st at 8 PM.

Lastly, check out this list of other GRAMMY Community Bloggers I stole from Fave’s blog (love you Fave!):

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*will be tweeting from L.A. this weekend

Check out their blogs and twitter streams for more info on what’s going on with The GRAMMYs too!

On my first piece at

grammy1.jpgMy first piece for was posted on Friday! You can read it here: 10 Ways The GRAMMYs Are Taking Over The Social Web. It may or may not sound a bit over-indulgent, but I truly was impressed with all the social and digital initiatives the Recording Academy has produced. I spent an afternoon earlier this month talking with their CMO and VP of Digital as well as a few others, and I was impressed at how much everyone worked as a team to achieve social media and digital zen for this year’s awards.

In my previous experience I found that usually a company’s digital team is ahead of the social media curve (natch), but when it comes to pushing the social media envelope, they have a difficult time getting other departments on board (content, marketing, fundraising/advancement if it’s a nonprofit). That’s part of why I left my previous positions–I disliked having to convince someone that social media was an important tool, and most of my conversations started with, “This is Facebook….” instead of “We should do XYZ on Facebook and ABC on Twitter.” Most of my time was spent defining Facebook, rather than telling people what to do with Facebook. I didn’t have the patience, honey!  Sure, you can build all the tools you want, but you need support from other parts of the organization in order to be creative with the tools you’ve built. Convincing people to buy in to social media was my most frustrating role as a social media guru.  You can’t really push the envelope in social media if the people you work with don’t know what it is, and don’t want to care (yet they have to sign off on all your projects!).To be fair, perhaps 5 years ago I really was ahead of the curve, but now everyone is finally turning the corner. Sometimes I think going back into the workforce might be less frustrating for me now that most business people at least know that Twitter and Facebook exist, and have some experience with it.

All that to say, I really appreciated how the Recording Academy appeared to be supportive in their social media/digital efforts, particularly because they are a non-profit organization (non-profits have a huge set of obstacles different from for-profit entities), they’ve improved 1000% over the previous year (even though last year they were on Twitter), and they have managed to overcome the sticky song-and-dance of the entertainment/broadcast world (artist rights and licensing make it extremely difficult to be creative with the content of your social media projects). That’s a huge undertaking, and they’ve done well. I’ll be writing more over at as well as attending several GRAMMY events this week. My schedule is insane!