Why Being Creative Creates Insanity

Is it cliche to post TED videos and tell people to watch them right now? Hopefully not yet.

Anyway. Watch this TED video I’ve posted. It’s Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) talking about creativity and the creative process. I know ya’ll are Eat, Pray Love‘d out, but bear with me. It’s 19 minutes long, but it goes by quickly because she’s a good speaker (obviously, it’s TED, after all). Watch, then join me below the video for a little discussion.

Okay I don’t really have much discussion on this, besides: isn’t this an interesting concept? I know my creative process is often blocked because I fear how it will be received, or I think I can’t top my most previous thing I was proud of. My creative process is the the point where I won’t begin creating because I am already thinking of the output and whether or not it is growth over my last piece of work. I do this before I have even started the creative work!

But today I stop doing this. Today I will attribute my creativity to some pink invisible gnome that sits in the corner of my bedroom. Or, perhaps, you know maybe something a little more practical, like…God. Ha.