Vote for my SXSW Panel! Please. Maybe? YES! NOW!!

Here’s my obligatory SXSW Panel picker post, so listen up.

My BFF Panama Jackson and I have submitted a proposal to host a panel at SXSW this year. But in order to make it to the finals, we need YOU to vote for our panel.

What’s our panel about? Glad you asked!

Hater Blocking 101: Your Blog, Your Rules

Do you author a blog that has engaged in its fair share of controversy resulting in a lot of negative attention and hateration? If so, you’re not alone. “Hate” is a good problem to have. How you deal with the hate can determine if you sink or swim. Join us for a panel discussion on hateration, how to make the most of it and make it work for you with guests who are no stranger to controversy.

On the low we plan to talk about the following:

  • The drama that goes on behind the scenes at (yeah you ain’t know about all of that, now did you?)
  • A smorgasboard of ways you can go about handling drama on your blog
  • Why you should and shouldn’t care about haters
  • Why Liz had to call the FBI on one of our haters (and how to track, document, and report illegal behavior coming from a hater)
  • And more!

Once we get picked (if we get picked!), we will invite others to join our panel and talk about their experience online.

Sooo. Go vote for us! Please! Voting ends 11:59 CDT on Friday, August 27.


  1. Register using this link:  SXSW Panel Picker Sign up
  2. After registering you will get a confirmation e-mail. Click the link in the email.
  3. Go to our Panel page: Hater Blocking 101
  4. Click the thumbs up picture right under the title at the top of the page
  5. Take a victory lap on behalf of me, Panama, and

Thanks for voting and for reading 🙂

Vote or Die (for Me!): SXSWi and the BWAs

Today I have two things I need you all to gear up and vote for.

First, I am working with two lovely gentlemen, J Brotherlove (@jbrotherlove) and Brandon Sheats (@sheatsb), to get our panel picked at SXSW Interactive next year. The name of our panel is:

Online Gatekeeping: Who Died and Made You King?

As the web
becomes more open via social networks, we’re adopting new rules of
communication. But who creates these rules? How much does class, race
and gender figure into social media policing? We’ll discuss how
identity affects social networks, as well as look at how online
communities police themselves as participation expands.

When J and Brandon approached me about collaborating with them on this panel I thought it was such a GREAT idea! We would really appreciate it if you could create a little SXSW account and vote for our panel (click on the thumbs up icon) here. Voting will close at the end of the day on Friday, September 4. SXSW was pretty freaking fun (and educational) last March, it would be awesome to be able to be on another panel next year.

Secondly, I need your help with the 2009 Black Weblog Awards. My blog (not this blog, the other blog I co-founded and manage), Very Smart Brothas, is a finalist and up for four awards this year:

  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Sex and Relationships Blog
  • Best Writing in A Blog
  • Blog To Watch

The boys and I are happy to have made the finalist list this year (four times!!), and our blog keeps growing every day. You can go on ahead and begin the two step (and quick) voting process here. Voting ends September 1.

If you love me, you’ll vote! Thanks for reading!

Whoa, Where have YOU Been?

It has been almost two months since I last blogged. I almost thought about putting up a hiatus post…but I was too busy to think about that.

My life in the past two months:

1. Went to SXSW. Spoke on the panel moderated by the fabulous Denise Jacobs. Did a lot of napping and working while at SXSW. Probably experienced about 30% of what I set out to do at SXSW, but had fun none the less. I got to see lots of friends and coworkers from my old jobs as well as grad school, and got to meet a lot of super cool fabulous friends I have only known (or read up on) in the digital space for years. I even met a few new people as well. In the end, that’s what I really wanted, and I can’t wait to go back next year!

2. I cut my hair off. I thought I would cry about it. I have had long hair my entire life. Every female in my family has had long thick hair our entire lives. It’s what we half black/half navajo chicks do: we have lots of long hair, ad nauseum. I thought I was so attached to my hair that I would feel remorseful about chopping it off. I wasn’t. It’s just hair!! My disdain for my damaged and unhealthy hair probably helped coping with the cut. It’s growing back pretty fast though. I’m not entirely sure my haircut is actually cute. Some days I feel like I’m rockin Salt N Pepa’s hairdo from the Push It days. Other days, I swear I am bringing back the Jheri Curl. These days, I believe I have a long shag, a la Kanye West. At this point, I don’t exactly care. The idea is to cut off all the damage and start all over. I need to go in for one more chop to finish off the damage removal and then I am in regrowth mode. I like my hair short, but I also like how it grows back pretty fast. I’ll be in good shape in about 9 months.
3. I freaking launched a big project. Who knew I had it in me, hmm? (Pfft, I did!). I think it deserves it’s own separate post, and probably gives me a million other things to write about on my journey as new media consultant. Either way, I have a pretty big milestone under my belt, AND BOY AM I HAPPY. I am also writing for said project, check out my first piece here.
4. Me and my partner in crime are up to some shenanigans. E-shenanigans, to be exact. Beware.

5. I discovered I love being single. As much as me and my single but cute/smart/accomplished girlfriends complain about there being no good men out there, etc etc., I think I am realizing I like to be left alone. Dare I say I am too selfish to have a boyfriend? Hopefully my desire to overcome my selfishness (or lack thereof) is what will seperate the men from the boys. I’m just happy to know I am past that whole “woe is me/all men suck” phase. No time for that, there’s money to be made, friendships to be nurtured. Everything else will fall into place.

6. My dad came to New York for an entire week. My biological father, that is. I haven’t spent an entire week with him since I was 11 years old. I admit, it was a bit….different. Him not really being around much has created a situation where I feel like I am talking to a stranger.  I don’t have any beef with my dad, really. It is what it is, it be what it bees. Hopefully his trip means we will both be a little more proactive about maintaining our relationship with one another. I was excited he had some baby  pictures of me to show off. Boy was I cutie pie when I was a kid. I might scan them and show them off. Maybe. 

Other than that I have been getting to know Manhattan (I super duper love walking around my neighborhood, especially now that it is springtime), hanging with my buds, missing California (need to go visit soon), worrying about the economy and the pork SARS (i.e. checking my bank account balance and washing my hands every 10 minutes), and growing up. It’s tough being a grown up. Word life.

Still kicking.  

I'm Speaking at SXSWi 2009!

I think for the past five years I have been dying to go to SXSWi, and every year the opportunity eclipsed me for various reasons. Most of this stemmed from whatever job (or school) I was in at the time, but this year I had no excuses, as I am my own boss. Just when I was about to shell out bucks to buy my registration ticket, I was invited to speak on a panel! So, this year I will be attending as a panelist, which is very exciting for me!

The panel I will be sitting in on is Can the Afrosphere Survive the Age of Obama?

The presidency of Barack Obama will have far-reaching ramifications for
politics, society, and even black identity in America. Websites such as, the Blackbird browser, and a myriad of bloggers both
target and ally themselves with the black blogosphere, often referred
to as the “Afrosphere”. The question must be asked: In the new Age of
Obama, will an “afro-centric web” begin to fade into, simply, “the web”?

The panel will take place on Monday, March 13, at 3:30 pm. I am pretty amped to attend SXSW this year. See you there!