Black Love Is A Beautiful Thing: Miami Edition

I’m in Miami!

I feel like I only update this blog to tell people what city I am visiting. I really have like 8 other blog posts about real issues in Draft Status. I promise.


I’m in Miami because one of my dear friends (and soror from my undergrad chapter) is getting married. She’s originally from Miami (though she lives in the NYC with her boo), so this was the perfect excuse to visit Miami. This is actually my first time ever in Miami (if you don’t count my international layover flights) and I am a bit intrigued by the city. My dad always talks about the “light” in Miami, meaning the sun. Even though we’re people of Southern California, he swears the sun shines differently here. I can see it. It’s nice, I’m loving it. We’re staying at a cute hotel in Miami Beach. I am quite surprised by the beach here, by the way. It’s much more tropical-feeling, compared to SoCal beaches. The waves are smaller, but the waters are clearer and shallow. It’s beautiful. I arrived here Wednesday and I am leaving on Sunday. To say I was very much in the dark about this trip is an understatement. Like, I really just got on the plane and made sure I had hotel reservations. I had no idea what was planned for all these days, or what would be expected of  me. Turns out a lot is going on! I’ve had a full itinerary of things to do every day. I think I need a vacation from my vacation. I’m not complaining though. I am having tons of fun with my chapter sorors and friends from MIT. It’s almost as if we are back in school again, helping each other out with whatever it is needs to be done.

As for the bride and groom, they are so cute! I cried 5 times yesterday at the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. And even though I have seen the run-through for the wedding ceremony twice, I am sure I will be a mess at today’s ceremony as well. I dunno how I will make it through my own wedding day, when the time comes. I’ve gotta work on my weakness for sentimental moments.

I’m an usher in the wedding and I’m pretty nervous about it. I have to roll out the carpet thingy for the bride to walk down the aisle on. What if I trip and fall, or it doesn’t roll out properly or something? Do you know how clumsy I am when I’m nervous??! I’m much more comfortable with my other duties, which is walking the bride’s mother and grandmother down the aisle. That’s easy peasy. Ha. Pray for me!

As many of you know, we spend a lot of time beating the dead horse harping on the “tragic successful single black woman” and how she “can’t find a good black man.” While I have always maintained I don’t know any tragically single successful black women, it’s always good to witness something the media and naysayers try to tell you doesn’t exist. It happens, people. Everyday. Black love is a beautiful thing, and it’s always a blessing to witness a wedding for two people who love each other.

Well. I guess it’s time I hit up my favorite poolside bar & grill before I get myself ready for the wedding festivities. Smooches!

Oh yeah, that's right. I'm doing me.

Sooo. I’ve been in LA since like, November. I guess I wasn’t kidding when I said I was thinking about hiding from winter on the east coast. I guess I also wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to live bi-coastally.

Strange how things I halfway joke about come to pass, effortlessly. Like, Moving to NYC last year? I just happened to mention to someone that I was thinking about it and next thing I know, I’m being flown to NYC to check out an apartment. Somebody flew me out to NYC to look at an apartment. And voila. I’ve got an apartment in The City.

I need to will some super awesome stuff into the atmosphere, on purpose, and see what happens.

Moving right along.

It’s my last week in LA for quite some time. I’ve been here since November, save ten days in January when I went back to pick up my mail, see a Broadway play with my aceboon, and say hello to my roommate and my doormen. I’ll be going to SXSW this weekend (more on that later), and then after that I will be making my way back to NYC. I hope the weather is nice when I get back because I don’t wanna see any Snowpacalypses or Snowmageddons (or however you spell them).

Since I’m leaving this week, I’m scrambling to see all my LA friends and clients because once the weather gets nice in NY, I won’t want to leave. I’m amazed by how freaking awesome NYC is when the weather is nice, and how much you miss it when the weather isn’t so nice. I am looking forward to seeing all my NYC friends again, and my line sister will be interning in NYC for the summer. I am also cooking up some personal and professional milestones this season. It will be fun times all around.

Can I tell you how much I love my sorors? I was at a meetup last week and happened to meet a young lady and she turned out to be my soror (and my sands) and now I have a new BFF in LA. Well, okay, BFF is strong, but she’s definitely really cool, a kindred spirit, and I love her and I told her to come visit me in NYC ANYTIME. /end random cheesiness.

There was a time in my life where writing a blog post a day was a bare minimum. These days, not so much. This was just a checkin post because I said I would blog more. I’ve pretty much been working, enjoying LA, and being me. Client work has been flowing, and I am trying to fix up all my websites so I can feel more organized. I do so much work for my clients, and rarely do I do the same things for myself and my own projects. Hopefully I will have some cool updates on this shortly.

Back to the Chi

Chicago Skyline

It’s been a rough couple of months.

I’m not sure where the time went, but I have allowed myself to enter a time warp working on a few projects, and in between I find time to do some traveling. Some might think I travel or vacation too much, but I truly do earn these vacations. Work hard, play hard–one of the great things I learned in undergrad (though there was little “playing” being done on my part while at MIT).

Anyway, I interrupt this time warp to say I am both excited and afraid to visit Chicago this week. Excited because I get to see my chapter sorors and celebrate birthdays and see my summer friends in Chicago. Best of all–I get to peel my behind off of my couch. (I still need to work on procuring some office furniture!). Of course, this means I will be planted on my line sister’s couch this week, but any couch is better than mine. 

I am afraid of Chicago because of the cold.  As it is, your girl is having a hard time coping with the weather in Manhattan. I can’t figure out if it’s hot or cold on any given day, what degree of coldness it is and what to wear to accommodate the level of frío. I am always over or under-dressed for the temperature. I am not used to wearing layers and carrying around clothing too hot to wear because I might need to put it back on later in the day. It’s ridiculous, all this thinking that goes into wardrobe! In LA, I choose my wardrobe by looking at the sky: if it’s clear skies, then it’s warm outside; if cloudy, then it’s cold outside. See how simple that is?  I am thinking about boycotting the East Coast for the month of November.

Looking up flights to LA as we speak. I’ll take the L on rent if I have to! 

Pray that Chicago takes it easy on me this week.