Moving East

I finally decided to make the move to New York. I know I have spent some time here lamenting about a move to NYC. I’ve been toying with the idea for over a year now, but I never really created a plan because I was scared (I don’t like change). I slowly relieved myself of Los Angeles responsibilities (finished school, quit a job I was tethered to), stacked my chips, and all that was left was apartment hunting. I was putting off apartment hunting month after month, mostly because I was so busy. Like the other doors that have opened in my life, this one sort of just opened up on its own. All I did was casually mention to someone I was thinking about apartment hunting in NYC, and then the next week I was meeting my potential roommate and checking out my potential Manhattan apartment. I’ve learned that when opportunities open up this way for me, it’s usually a sign that that’s where I need to go next.

I gave myself 6 months to see how it goes, and if I like it? I will stay. If not, I can always move back to LA, or to a different city. Some have asked me why am I moving to NYC. My answer: because I can. My business/work is virtual. I like NYC a lot. And I have great friends there. I figure I can do it while I am young and untethered to a family. Besides, I have always wanted to be bi-coastal, here is my chance to step up and give it a try.

I start paying rent February 1st. I have yet to pack a box to ship over to Manhattan, but I did buy some boxes today. That has to count for something. My apartment is very…quaint, and in a good location. I plan on painting my bedroom walls, as I want to make it a creative and personal space. I am excited to go furniture and interior design shopping. I just need to make sure I stay on task with getting it done.

Any suggestions on where to get a good deal on mattresses in NYC would be most appreciated!

School Days

It’s that time of year again: the beginning of another academic semester. For me, hopefully this will be my last semester in school for a long time. Emphasis on long. I’m wrapping up a Master’s degree, and I don’t believe in having multiple Master’s degrees, so the only other option would be to get a Ph.D. I am in no mood for Ph.D. talk right now, no matter how good of an idea it is.

Seriously, don’t let me go to school again. I know I said that when I was done with MIT, but I mean it this time.

I’ve got two classes and an independent research course on deck for the term. One of my classes is about building web startups, and the other is about social dynamics of the web/internet/whatever. I know who the professors are and I know the syllabi, so I think this will be a great semester. I still have my research class proposal unconfirmed, but I have an idea of what I want to work on.

And thus begins my third consecutive semester as a full-time graduate student and a full-time employee. Can you say burn out? Lately people have been asking me why I am not doing bigger things, when it comes to my job or career. They see all my potential, and previous accomplishments and don’t get why I am not doing XYZ instead. The answer is I can’t. I’m trying to finish this Master’s program of mine without failing or getting fired from my job. My personal projects and ambitions suffer, if only to maintain partial sanity for my day to day activities. It’s all good though. I sincerely believe that I am exactly where I should be right now when it comes to my career and education. Everything in my life feels like it is aligned perfectly, for some odd but interesting reason. It feels good, so I don’t worry about it for now.

This post is brought to you in part by the Navajo Nation, which helped pay my way through Graduate school. Danke.