Manhattan Love

I’ve been in NYC for about a month now, and everything is going well. It snowed. A lot. And it was cold. Really cold. Similar to my Boston winter’s during college, I elected to go out in the cold when I felt like it–which is never. The luxury of working from home means I can hibernate for days if I want. I instituted an office policy that says I don’t have to go outside unless it is at least 30 degrees.

I’ve finally picked up this public transportation system, I think. During my first time on the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was lost in the subway (on the F train) for two hours. I was so mad! Today I took the same trip and did it lickety split. I also love the buses here, maybe more than the subway. The buses are great since Manhattan is a grid system. Easy peasy once you get used to it, and the 2 hour transfer system helps a lot (I can do a roundtrip on one metrocard fare if I take the bus one way and the subway on the way back).

Not to be a Brooklyn Debbie Downer, but I REALLY like living in Manhattan. I can’t imagine ever living in Brooklyn now. Everything is so close to me here. Whenever my friends get off work, they’re always nearby for a quick bite for dinner, drink, or movie. The grid is pretty much an actual grid EVERYWHERE in Manhattan. I think if I lived in Brooklyn I would never see Manhattan. It’s too far in my book, haha. I can’t wait for Spring/Summer, I might walk all the way up to Harlem one day, it’s so lovely here!

My life is going to be a lovely wreck for the next few weeks. I am leaving to Boston tomorrow to attend a conference at Harvard Business School. I’m not much of a networker, so I am mostly going to see my friends and sorors attending the conference, and Boston. And maybe MIT, if I feel up to it. The following week I’ll be at SXSW. In between or during these trips I’ll be launching some big projects on the web.

Needless to say, I am a little fried. I am loving life, though!