I’m finally getting around to watching NY-Z (heads up by the apropos LateBoots), a documentary short, nee super-commercial, produced by ABSOLUT. It premiered on their Facebook Fan page this week. (Nice lil digital campaign they’ve got going there.)

It’s beautiful.

Right round the 10:45 minute mark I realized Jigga is entering a party at Rocawear that I attended last Fall (I was covering it for TheLoop21). You can read my piece about that party here. I was wondering what all those cameras were for, lol. I guess this explains the super stealth security/waiver signatures/mug shot process I went through before going up to Rocawear (usually you can just walk right in the building). This was definitely one of my more memorable nights in NYC.


Central Park & The First Day of Spring

Yesterday I’d had enough of my self-imposed cabin fever and decided I would go outside. And do stuff. You see, I’m a hermit of sorts. I stay home, indoors, all the time. Sure, I come from a land of beautiful weather with beaches and lovely outside things to do, but I tend to spend most of my time inside. Watching TV, watching movies, internetting, working, reading, singing, dancing. Everything.

Let me tell you, it gets depressing.

I’ve been this way since college, and there are some healthy normal things about it, and then things just get…strange. Next thing I know I haven’t left Liz HQ in 3 days. Oops?

Hermit life gets depressing in NYC. In LA, as long as I can open my windows and blinds to let the sunshine in, I’m good as gold. But in Manhattan I have no windows in my living room, a small window in my kitchen and well, it’s easy to feel like I live in CB4.

Thus, after being in NYC for all of four days, ya girl is going crazy! I don’t know what it is, but yesterday I decided to get myself out of a would-be funk and go OUT. Anywhere. I needed excuses to go do something.

As I was on my way out the door I called Mr. C, to see if he wanted to do anything. Mr. C and I will talk for hours, about everything and nothing. It doesn’t  really matter where we are, we will have each other in stitches (most of my friends are like this btw, which is why I love them). Sure enough, he was available to hang and I was anxious to see him after all these months of being gone from the City.

We ended up in Lincoln Center, browsing for a new set of earphones at the newest Apple Store in Manhattan (I copped some BOSE earphones that I’ll probably return due to lack of noise cancellation). A few farmer’s market drinks later, and we were in Central Park, park benching it up.

We spent a few hours catching up, reminiscing, predicting the future, talking about people walking by (New Yorkers and their tourists are great fodder).

The park was nice, except the trees were all dead-looking with no leaves in sight. And I was overdressed for the warm weather. Mr. C called me out for my complaining ways, reminding me that if the leaves were out, then I’d probably be complaining about my allergies. He’s right. I need to work on being happy with the moment, in the moment. It was good to be out, and good to see friends who remind you to enjoy what you have when you have it.

A Tale of Two Cities

Today is my last day in LA, and I must admit I’m a bit sad about it. Since I have been here (since November!) I accumulated a little life. I first came here just for the holiday season, that rolled into going to the GRAMMYs, which rolled into seeing my doctor, going upstate to see my college BFF, and that finally rolled into going to SXSW. And here we are. I have to pack up all my things, ship some things back to NYC (finally, I’m able to pull my Wii from the hard cold hands of my little brother!) and get going.

It’s tough.

I thought I was mentally and emotionally prepared to go until it came time to pack up my things. Now it’s like that time I moved to NYC last year: I know I’ll be coming back to LA, but I don’t know when?

It’s not as if I’m not looking forward to living in NYC. I miss my friends, I miss the City, I miss my roommate, I miss my bed. But I know when I get to NYC I’ll look back at LA and I’ll miss my car, I’ll miss my family, I’ll miss the beach weather, I’ll miss all the clean and orderly Target stores.

I just feel a bit torn, and I guess living bicoastally has me feeling torn, constantly. Cue Natalie Imbruglia.

No sense in dwelling on it though. Just gotta do it and see what happens next!

Oh yeah, that's right. I'm doing me.

Sooo. I’ve been in LA since like, November. I guess I wasn’t kidding when I said I was thinking about hiding from winter on the east coast. I guess I also wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to live bi-coastally.

Strange how things I halfway joke about come to pass, effortlessly. Like, Moving to NYC last year? I just happened to mention to someone that I was thinking about it and next thing I know, I’m being flown to NYC to check out an apartment. Somebody flew me out to NYC to look at an apartment. And voila. I’ve got an apartment in The City.

I need to will some super awesome stuff into the atmosphere, on purpose, and see what happens.

Moving right along.

It’s my last week in LA for quite some time. I’ve been here since November, save ten days in January when I went back to pick up my mail, see a Broadway play with my aceboon, and say hello to my roommate and my doormen. I’ll be going to SXSW this weekend (more on that later), and then after that I will be making my way back to NYC. I hope the weather is nice when I get back because I don’t wanna see any Snowpacalypses or Snowmageddons (or however you spell them).

Since I’m leaving this week, I’m scrambling to see all my LA friends and clients because once the weather gets nice in NY, I won’t want to leave. I’m amazed by how freaking awesome NYC is when the weather is nice, and how much you miss it when the weather isn’t so nice. I am looking forward to seeing all my NYC friends again, and my line sister will be interning in NYC for the summer. I am also cooking up some personal and professional milestones this season. It will be fun times all around.

Can I tell you how much I love my sorors? I was at a meetup last week and happened to meet a young lady and she turned out to be my soror (and my sands) and now I have a new BFF in LA. Well, okay, BFF is strong, but she’s definitely really cool, a kindred spirit, and I love her and I told her to come visit me in NYC ANYTIME. /end random cheesiness.

There was a time in my life where writing a blog post a day was a bare minimum. These days, not so much. This was just a checkin post because I said I would blog more. I’ve pretty much been working, enjoying LA, and being me. Client work has been flowing, and I am trying to fix up all my websites so I can feel more organized. I do so much work for my clients, and rarely do I do the same things for myself and my own projects. Hopefully I will have some cool updates on this shortly.