MUXTAPE: Calling It Quits

Breakups can be painful, but necessary. Listen to a breakup in four movements, if you will, on  my Muxtape.

Don’t Speak – No Doubt
I Used to Love Him – Lauryn Hill
Stay With Me Baby – Shirley Brown
I’m Going Down – Mary J. Blige
Fool That I Am – Etta James
Halfcrazy – Musiq
In Repair – John Mayer
Free – Destiny’s Child
Juciest – Alicia Keys
I’m Gonna Find Another You – John Mayer
Try Your Wings – Amel Larrieux
Just Fine – Mary J. Blige

The Exchange 005: JORGE!

Another week, another Exchange drop from the crew. This week our theme is JORGE!, because today is George’s birthday!
The Playlist:

Jen | Can’t C Me – Tupac feat. George Clinton
OJ | King George – Roy Ayers
Ouxu | So Fresh So Clean – Outkast
BK | Think – James Brown
Cye | Georgy Porgy – Eric Benet & Faith Evans
Liz | Booti Call – Blackstreet
Marcia | Mack the Knife – Louis Prima & Louie Armstrong
Sam | Synthesizer – Outkast feat. George Clinton
Marcia | Ooh Wee – Mark Ronson, Ghostface & Nate Dogg
Kate | Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations
Jen | Jorge – Nightmares On Wax

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About My Pick: Booti Call by Blackstreet
I wasn’t too sure of what to pick for this exchange. All the cool George tracks were chosen (not like I know of many). I picked this track because I think George might have an appreciation for throwback tracks to this time period. In addition, the track samples George Clinton’s Atomic Dog, so that’s almost George-y, right? This song is pretty dope in my book, one of my favorite Blackstreet tracks. 

The Exchange 004: Summertime

The new Exchange is up for the week. Let’s pretend we were out on holiday last week. The theme is Summertime: tracks that make you think of summer.

George | Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Ouxu | What They Do – The Roots
OJ | Steady Mobbin’ – Ice Cube
Eyejammy | Walking Into Sunshine – Central Line
BK | Move Ya Body – Mad Skillz
Kate | Summersend – Misha
Cye | Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes – Tanto Metro & Devonte
Marcia | Summer Wind – Madeleine Peyroux
Liz | Motown Philly – Boyz II Men
Jen | Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

Sam | ATLiens – Outkast

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The Story Behind My Pick:
For the record, George and I must be separated at musical birth because I was going to pick the track he chose for this release (this keeps happening with us). I pretty much grew up in a household where secular music was never allowed, so my earliest favorite song was 1991’s Summertime.

I remember I was at my grandparent’s farm in New Mexico for the summer (as usual), and four of my cousins from Texas were also staying there for the summer. [Sidenote: don’t ask me why my grandparents took in five grandkids for three months, but we were on a farm with lots of animals so there was tons of space–and work–to do.] I was introduced to secular music by my cousins, and Summertime happened to be the jam of the summer. I remember we spent a lot of time collectively listening to this track, memorizing the lyrics (knowing all the lyrics to a song was the ultimate form of freshness) by writing them down and arguing about what the Fresh Prince really said in that one line in the middle of the third verse.

However, since George took my first pick, my second pick is Motownphilly by Boyz II Men. Both tracks were released that summer, so Philly was reppin hard. I don’t think we had satellite television, but I distinctly remember sweating the music videos for these songs. All five of us would crowd around the TV and study every move and scene, especially Motownphilly. I am pretty sure we put together a dance routine to Motownphilly as well. We used to do shows all the time for my grandparents, haha.

Those were the days. 

The Exchange 002

Welcome back for the second installment of The Exchange (explanation here for the late folks). This week our theme is Teenage Love Affair. Playlist and Who’s Who:
George | Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell
Liz | My Heart Belongs to You – Jodeci
Eyejammy | She’s Playing Hard to Get – Hi-Five
Kate | Treehouse – I’m From Barcelona
Ouxu | Crazy Love – Brian McKnight
Panama | Let’s Chill – Guy
Cye | Knockin the Boots – H-Town
OJ | Kissing You – Total
Marcia | Computer Love – Zapp & Roger
Blazey | Playground Love – Air
Jen | Weak – SWV
Sam | You’re Unbelivable – EMF

As always:
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About My Pick:
I went for My Heart Belongs To You by Jodeci mostly because of the passion. Every vocal on this track is pure passion. I love that about love, and about love songs. Granted, at the time this track was released I knew nothing about love (this is arguably the case now, as well!), but it was definitely one of my favorite songs to lip sync late at night, in the dark, in my bedroom, with my headphones bangin.