Get Thee To The Stuyvesants

The Internets has definitely introduced me to some very talented individuals. Moving to NYC has allowed me to meet said individuals in person so I could personally experience just how cool they are in person. The Internets never lets me down.

That being said, it is my pleasure to tell you about two awesome people I have come to know in my time here in the Big Apple: Allan Cole and Darien Victor Birks. These two could merit their own posts of awesomeness, but the purpose of this post in particular is to tell you about a new project Allan and Darien have launched together called The Stuyvesants:

“The Stuyvesants” is a collaborative effort between music producer Allan Cole (Algorythm), and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt). Both reside in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. The two wanted to work together on a project where they could incorporate several of their talents, related to music and design. They wanted to do this under a moniker that would pay homage to the ’70s. The collaboration allowed them to do four major things, design, beat dig, produce amazing music, and simply have fun.

It just launched today, so get it while it’s hot. The music is nice and funky, and I’ve been enjoying it (quietly) for the past few days. These tracks are definitely great for the summertime. I tend to get lost on my way to and from Brooklyn (every time!), and I suppose this will be some good getting-lost-in-BK music for my iPod. Download, cop a t-shirt, and learn more over at The Stuyvesants.

Shouts to BK (another awesome friend via the Internets) for his lovely photography work.

It’s Officially Kanye Season

I don’t mean to post twice in the same hour, but can we talk about how amped I am about Kanye’s next album? Kanye is the only artist who comes close to my obsession with Mimi, and for good reason.

I love Kanye Season: the period of time when Kanye comes back and graces us with some new tracks. The time between his first single leaking and the album dropping (leaking) is usually my favorite time of year. I think Kanye might be the only artist I get excited about hearing new stuff from, every time. Mimi is so hot/cold and Beyonce will force me to like her new stuff even if I don’t initially.

Kanye Season is also the time I tend to forgive Yeezy for his egotistical transgressions (Taylor Swift, et al) and just let him be great inside my iTunes. I can’t wait for Good Ass Job to drop!

Kanye West featuring Dwele – Power by Hypetrak

Cupid's Hunt: MJ's Love

CH2010v5_aka.jpegIt’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means my blog gets lit up with Cupid’s Hunt shenanigans.

What is Cupid’s Hunt? Glad you asked:

Cupid’s Hunt is the premiere online collaboration event where DJ and
podcasters from all over the Internet release loved-themed music mixes
all on the same day: Valentine’s Day!

Since I am such an avid lover of love songs, each year I pick a theme for my Cupid’s Hunt selection. This year, I decided to pick my favorite love songs by Michael Jackson. Continue reading “Cupid's Hunt: MJ's Love”

Follow Me At The GRAMMYs!

GRAMMY_AdLOGO.JPGThe time has finally come–GRAMMY festivities are in full swing for me and my fellow Community Blogging comrades. My schedule is about to get pretty crazy between now and Sunday night. I just wanted to invite you all to follow me on Twitter as I cover some GRAMMY events (official and unofficial) this weekend. Some events I will attending:

  • The GRAMMY Foundation’s 12th
    Annual Entertainment Law Initiative Luncheon featuring Sen. Barbara Boxer as the keynote speaker
  • Social Media Rock Star Summit: a panel featuring Jared Leto, David Karp, Kevin Rose, Pete Cashmore moderated by Rick Sanchez at the GRAMMY museum
  • Rehearsals at the Staples Center
  • Pre-telecast Ceremony at the Staples Center
  • The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (I’ll either be in the audience or backstage!)
  • The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards After Party

I’ll be at some other events and receptions thrown in between there. I’ll definitely be tweeting and blogging, among other things between now and Sunday night. As always, you can follow the official GRAMMY Twitter stream at @TheGRAMMYs for the latest info.

Make sure you watch the GRAMMYs Live on CBS this Sunday, January 31st at 8 PM.

Lastly, check out this list of other GRAMMY Community Bloggers I stole from Fave’s blog (love you Fave!):

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*will be tweeting from L.A. this weekend

Check out their blogs and twitter streams for more info on what’s going on with The GRAMMYs too!