A Weekend in the Bean

Two weekends ago I was hanging with a few of my friends from MIT here in the City. Miss SQ was in town, and decided to grace us with her presence. When we get together (Mr. M being the third spoke on our wheel of fun), we tend to have the best of times. As the night wore on (and the spirits kicked in), Mr. M and I joked about going to Boston the following weekend to visit Ms. SQ at the esteemed Harvard Business School (she’s wrapping up her second year there).

And so, yeah. Just like that, I found myself on the road to Boston this past weekend.

The weather was right, so our first stop was on the patio of Stepahnie’s on Newbury (street) for lunch. It seems as though everyone in the Bean was hype for the nice weather, so we noticed a lot of half-dressed people milling about. I think New Yorkers are in denial about the warm weather, but not Bostonians. It’s early April, and anything over 63 degrees before the third week in April is cause for sun worship.

Stephanie's on Newbury

I’ve had a few friends (mostly sorors) go through HBS, but I’d never really been to campus just to hang out and look around. HBS isn’t on the main Harvard campus (been there, done that), but it’s across the Charles River, which may as well be considered no man’s land. It was nice to get to see a part of Harvard I wasn’t used to seeing, though.

Harvard Business School

Anyhoo. Being the MIT oldheads we are, we decided to go to a dance show being held at Kresge auditorium on MITs campus Saturday night. You know, to see what the kids are up to these days.

77 Mass Ave

Fanny Pack from ABDC performed, as well as a lot of Boston area dance teams from various local schools and organizations. My favorite? Lil Phunk, a dance team of kids ages 5-13. They were dope. I would recommend you go find their performances on YouTube, but the YT videos don’t do them justice. Their energy at a live performance will give you life!

After that, we hit up ye olde Harvard Square. Everytime I go to Harvard Square, there are new shops in place of old shops I used to visit during undergrad. I guess I expected Harvard Square (and other parts of Cambridge) to freeze in time once I left. Hong Kong is still there, so we had a scorpion bowl, just like old times.

Scorpion bowl from Hong Kong Cambridge

We hit up the afterparty, where I felt super old as someone said they were class of 2011. I remember when my MIT acceptance letter said Class of 2003 and I thought I’d never see that year, it seemed so far off. Since it was the day of the iPad release, someone in the room had an iPad.

Miss SQ, Scorpion Bowl umbrella in her hair


I took it for a spin, looking up flights to Tokyo. Yes, the three of us are thinking about taking our show of fun on the international road. We already promised over spirits, so that seals the deal, right?

Kaya app on iPad

$680 round trip, non-stop to Tokyo? Sign me up.

All blurry pics via iPhone, some taken with the Hipstamatic app + mod packs. More pics in my Flickr set.

Manhattan Love

I’ve been in NYC for about a month now, and everything is going well. It snowed. A lot. And it was cold. Really cold. Similar to my Boston winter’s during college, I elected to go out in the cold when I felt like it–which is never. The luxury of working from home means I can hibernate for days if I want. I instituted an office policy that says I don’t have to go outside unless it is at least 30 degrees.

I’ve finally picked up this public transportation system, I think. During my first time on the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was lost in the subway (on the F train) for two hours. I was so mad! Today I took the same trip and did it lickety split. I also love the buses here, maybe more than the subway. The buses are great since Manhattan is a grid system. Easy peasy once you get used to it, and the 2 hour transfer system helps a lot (I can do a roundtrip on one metrocard fare if I take the bus one way and the subway on the way back).

Not to be a Brooklyn Debbie Downer, but I REALLY like living in Manhattan. I can’t imagine ever living in Brooklyn now. Everything is so close to me here. Whenever my friends get off work, they’re always nearby for a quick bite for dinner, drink, or movie. The grid is pretty much an actual grid EVERYWHERE in Manhattan. I think if I lived in Brooklyn I would never see Manhattan. It’s too far in my book, haha. I can’t wait for Spring/Summer, I might walk all the way up to Harlem one day, it’s so lovely here!

My life is going to be a lovely wreck for the next few weeks. I am leaving to Boston tomorrow to attend a conference at Harvard Business School. I’m not much of a networker, so I am mostly going to see my friends and sorors attending the conference, and Boston. And maybe MIT, if I feel up to it. The following week I’ll be at SXSW. In between or during these trips I’ll be launching some big projects on the web.

Needless to say, I am a little fried. I am loving life, though!