Ask My BFF Anything, a new website by WeTV, launched this week and my BFF Panama Jackson is one of its featured writers. P’s character, or persona, is the “Girls’ BFF,” which is funny to me because that’s exactly what he’s been to me for the past several years. You can read his bio and archive on GuySpeak over here. If you’ve been keeping up, you know P from our blog VerySmartBrothas, or his throwback blog Jackson G Tickle.

I’m so proud of P for landing himself a writing gig on the web. It seems like it was just yesterday he was a hilarious stranger leaving silly comments on my lil ole blog. That was back in 2004, and he has grown so much since then.

Yes, I am proud. But I am more interested in making him work for the money, so go ask him your relationship-themed questions, stat!