Music + Location + Tech: Mapping Memories with @theGRAMMYs

Jay Z MusicMapper tagJust a quick note to let you know my first post for the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards season is up on! The post is titled, “Map Your Music Memories,” and in the post I review the pretty spiffy MusicMapper app The Recording Academy launched earlier this month. I think the iPhone app is cool (it’s also available on Android phones), but the website that goes with it is even cooler: MusicIsLifeIsMusic.

When I was in LA earlier this month I had a chance to meet with some folks at The Recording Academy, and they are looking to add new features to the site and app in the coming months. One thing I’ve learned about working with them, they’re always full of surprises, especially as the awards get closer and closer 🙂

Right now I have tagged about 45 songs on the global map. You can check out my timeline here and get all up in my music memory business.

I’m a GRAMMY Community Blogger–Again!

the 53rd GRAMMY AwardsI’ve been keeping a secret for some time now and I guess it is finally time to let it all hang out. I have been invited to be a Blogger At Large for the 53rd GRAMMY Awards! You may remember that I was a GRAMMY Community Blogger At Large earlier this year for the 52nd GRAMMY Awards, and I am honored to be invited back for their blogger program for the ceremony in February 2011.

Sooo, what does this mean exactly? Well, as Blogger At Large I will be writing content for, attending related events (including the 53rd GRAMMY Awards and the official After-Party!), and I’ll be tweeting about these events and blogging about my experiences. I am so excited about this! I had so much fun this year, and this is such an awesome opportunity. I really dig what The Recording Academy is doing with bloggers because it’s not just simply flying us out for a one night event. We get to write content for, attend several events, and we work together for a few months leading up to the ceremony.

You might be wondering why I’m involved, as most of the other bloggers in the program are music bloggers. Well, specifically I will be writing content focusing on the social media aspect of the 53rd GRAMMY Awards and related events. I’ll be reviewing their mobile app, talking to staff about their marketing campaign (and its use of social media), and I’ll be covering scheduled events from the perspective of a web nerd. I think I am good at being a web nerd, right? I got this!

First up, I am flying to LA tonight so I can go to “The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!!” tomorrow night. I didn’t get to go to this last year, so this will be my first time! I’m excited to be back in LA and working with my friends over at The Recording Academy. On Thursday, I’ll be at The Recording Academy interviewing staff about their social media projects and tech initiatives for the 53rd GRAMMY Awards. I usually get a sneak peek at a lot of their projects, and they always have awesome secrets for me to keep 🙂  Last year’s campaign was quite impressive, so I am anxious to see what they have in store this year.

Anyway, be sure to follow me on Twitter, as a lot of my GRAMMY info will be there first!

You should also watch this tomorrow night:

The GRAMMY Nominations Concert LIVE!! — Countdown To Music’s Biggest Night

LL Cool J will host and Justin Bieber, B.o.B, Miranda Lambert, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry will perform live on Dec 1st (10/9c) on CBS.

#GRAMMYNoms is our official hashtag, so make sure you follow it on Twitter.


I write about social media, technology, entrepreneurship, entertainment/celebrities, in other places besides my blog. Here are some pieces I have written around the web:

Follow Me At The GRAMMYs!

GRAMMY_AdLOGO.JPGThe time has finally come–GRAMMY festivities are in full swing for me and my fellow Community Blogging comrades. My schedule is about to get pretty crazy between now and Sunday night. I just wanted to invite you all to follow me on Twitter as I cover some GRAMMY events (official and unofficial) this weekend. Some events I will attending:

  • The GRAMMY Foundation’s 12th
    Annual Entertainment Law Initiative Luncheon featuring Sen. Barbara Boxer as the keynote speaker
  • Social Media Rock Star Summit: a panel featuring Jared Leto, David Karp, Kevin Rose, Pete Cashmore moderated by Rick Sanchez at the GRAMMY museum
  • Rehearsals at the Staples Center
  • Pre-telecast Ceremony at the Staples Center
  • The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (I’ll either be in the audience or backstage!)
  • The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards After Party

I’ll be at some other events and receptions thrown in between there. I’ll definitely be tweeting and blogging, among other things between now and Sunday night. As always, you can follow the official GRAMMY Twitter stream at @TheGRAMMYs for the latest info.

Make sure you watch the GRAMMYs Live on CBS this Sunday, January 31st at 8 PM.

Lastly, check out this list of other GRAMMY Community Bloggers I stole from Fave’s blog (love you Fave!):

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*will be tweeting from L.A. this weekend

Check out their blogs and twitter streams for more info on what’s going on with The GRAMMYs too!