My First Impressions on Google Wave

wave.jpgI woke up this morning to a sweet little email letting me know I had been invited to Google Wave by a very special friend (this friend btw? always superb!). I rolled out of bed and popped open my laptop to see what the fuss was all about. Honestly, when the Google Wave anouncement happened months ago, I was less than enthused. I didn’t even bother signing up for an invite request because I had web application fatigue and didn’t want yet another web app to learn and fuss over. Lately I have been wondering what is the next internet sensation to move to. I am growing weary with Twitter, I like Friendfeed but I don’t have the time to put work into it everyday, and I pretty much hate Facebook (but it is a necessary evil). That being said, Google Wave came right on time.

So…. how do I like it?


So far, I find it to be pretty boring….mostly because I only have one friend on Google Wave and I’d rather not bombard them with all my incessant testing/waving. I had 8 invites, that I sent to 8 of my friends but the invites don’t send immediately. My friends might get their invite today or tomorrow, or next week. Who really knows?

I definitely think this tool will be more useful as it gains critical mass, preferably among one’s own friends and colleagues. I am apprehensive about waving to strangers (or even loose-tie connections), because I fear spam (there is already a spam folder!) as well as fatigue from too much activity. Part of my frustration with Twitter that is I follow too many people, many of whom I don’t know personally, and it is difficult to keep up. Anxiety, much?

I think Google Wave could be AWESOME for working in teams, especially if you work with teams that are not physically in the same location (this is how I work 90% of the time). Part of my concern is that it will take some time for people to get a Wave account, learn how to use it, and then find value in using it. Honestly, when I meet someone new who has a GMail account, I am still impressed that they’re up on “the new hotness.”

This might take years, folks.

Happy waving!