Change Protection Program

Sometime last month, George 2.0 was in town. OJ and I happened to be hangin out together, so we decided to meet up with George and friends. After all, we’re all apart of The Exchange so it is our duty (or at least mine!) to meet every Exchange crew folk in real life.

Meeting George was awesome and he definitely gets two thumbs up. He’s a funny, smart, charming cat and so are his friends. Somehow, OJ and I unknowingly walked ourselves into a video shoot, though. Clearly there was something in the Kool-Aid because I never volunteer to be on camera lol. Lucky for me though, I didn’t have any speaking parts. Anyway, check out the video they made that day, I dig the campaign: Change Protection Program.

P.S. I also took some pictures from the chill session, posted to my Flickr.