The Flu!

Who gets the flu during offseason?

Me, that’s who.

The other night I was at dinner with my roommate having a few drinks when all of a sudden I lost my appetite. I never lose my appetite. We walked home and as soon as I got home, I went to bed. I never go to bed earlier than 1 am, so a 10 pm bedtime was suspicious. I felt like my body was shutting down on me.

Anyway, being that I have no health insurance, I had to play this one wisely. Do I go to the hospital like a big baby? Or do I wait this one out and take care of it myself. I once went to the ER because I thought my fibroids were causing me to die, and all they could do was give me pain killers. $600 later, I was mad at myself for even going. Decisions, decisions.

Two years ago I caught the flu in the springtime, and because I was a grad student, I had health insurance. Again, I thought I was going to die. Turns out I had the flu, and well…all they could do was put me on an IV and let me rest for a few hours. I called my cousin up and asked her opinion (she’s a nurse, and a very good one) and she said I was just going to have to ride it out and stay hydrated. So, I decided to cancel all my appointments and sleep.

At first, I didn’t have any flu medicine and even though there are two drugstores within one block of my house, I was too afraid to go outside because we are in the middle of a heat wave. Passing out on the hot sidewalk when you have the flu is not The Look. Trapped, I began to look through my gTalk buddylist to see who is the nicest person I know, who is also the most flexible with their job. Perhaps they could run an errand for some meds on my behalf? I didn’t want to bother anyone with my lil ol almost-dying episode, and then have their boss be mad at them. Enter BK. Luckily BK and Marcia were able to point me in the direction of a pharmacy that delivers. You can get almost anything delivered in NYC!

So, here I am. Compulsively checking my fever temperature every 2 hours (ranging from 100.1 to 102.5), enjoying the taste of cherry-flavored NyQuil (it really is the best ever), and drinking tall glasses of water. Theraflu is also not that bad tasting either. Meh.

I can’t help but think stress allowed this to happen. The last time I had the flu, I was notoriously stressed out with grad school and my full-time job. When you’re stressed, depressed and anxious, your immune system follows and doesn’t fight off illness as much as it could. I guess for now I am taking this as a note to slow down. And try to get more exercise and eat healthier.

Central Park & The First Day of Spring

Yesterday I’d had enough of my self-imposed cabin fever and decided I would go outside. And do stuff. You see, I’m a hermit of sorts. I stay home, indoors, all the time. Sure, I come from a land of beautiful weather with beaches and lovely outside things to do, but I tend to spend most of my time inside. Watching TV, watching movies, internetting, working, reading, singing, dancing. Everything.

Let me tell you, it gets depressing.

I’ve been this way since college, and there are some healthy normal things about it, and then things just get…strange. Next thing I know I haven’t left Liz HQ in 3 days. Oops?

Hermit life gets depressing in NYC. In LA, as long as I can open my windows and blinds to let the sunshine in, I’m good as gold. But in Manhattan I have no windows in my living room, a small window in my kitchen and well, it’s easy to feel like I live in CB4.

Thus, after being in NYC for all of four days, ya girl is going crazy! I don’t know what it is, but yesterday I decided to get myself out of a would-be funk and go OUT. Anywhere. I needed excuses to go do something.

As I was on my way out the door I called Mr. C, to see if he wanted to do anything. Mr. C and I will talk for hours, about everything and nothing. It doesn’t  really matter where we are, we will have each other in stitches (most of my friends are like this btw, which is why I love them). Sure enough, he was available to hang and I was anxious to see him after all these months of being gone from the City.

We ended up in Lincoln Center, browsing for a new set of earphones at the newest Apple Store in Manhattan (I copped some BOSE earphones that I’ll probably return due to lack of noise cancellation). A few farmer’s market drinks later, and we were in Central Park, park benching it up.

We spent a few hours catching up, reminiscing, predicting the future, talking about people walking by (New Yorkers and their tourists are great fodder).

The park was nice, except the trees were all dead-looking with no leaves in sight. And I was overdressed for the warm weather. Mr. C called me out for my complaining ways, reminding me that if the leaves were out, then I’d probably be complaining about my allergies. He’s right. I need to work on being happy with the moment, in the moment. It was good to be out, and good to see friends who remind you to enjoy what you have when you have it.

Ask My BFF Anything, a new website by WeTV, launched this week and my BFF Panama Jackson is one of its featured writers. P’s character, or persona, is the “Girls’ BFF,” which is funny to me because that’s exactly what he’s been to me for the past several years. You can read his bio and archive on GuySpeak over here. If you’ve been keeping up, you know P from our blog VerySmartBrothas, or his throwback blog Jackson G Tickle.

I’m so proud of P for landing himself a writing gig on the web. It seems like it was just yesterday he was a hilarious stranger leaving silly comments on my lil ole blog. That was back in 2004, and he has grown so much since then.

Yes, I am proud. But I am more interested in making him work for the money, so go ask him your relationship-themed questions, stat!

My First Impressions on Google Wave

wave.jpgI woke up this morning to a sweet little email letting me know I had been invited to Google Wave by a very special friend (this friend btw? always superb!). I rolled out of bed and popped open my laptop to see what the fuss was all about. Honestly, when the Google Wave anouncement happened months ago, I was less than enthused. I didn’t even bother signing up for an invite request because I had web application fatigue and didn’t want yet another web app to learn and fuss over. Lately I have been wondering what is the next internet sensation to move to. I am growing weary with Twitter, I like Friendfeed but I don’t have the time to put work into it everyday, and I pretty much hate Facebook (but it is a necessary evil). That being said, Google Wave came right on time.

So…. how do I like it?


So far, I find it to be pretty boring….mostly because I only have one friend on Google Wave and I’d rather not bombard them with all my incessant testing/waving. I had 8 invites, that I sent to 8 of my friends but the invites don’t send immediately. My friends might get their invite today or tomorrow, or next week. Who really knows?

I definitely think this tool will be more useful as it gains critical mass, preferably among one’s own friends and colleagues. I am apprehensive about waving to strangers (or even loose-tie connections), because I fear spam (there is already a spam folder!) as well as fatigue from too much activity. Part of my frustration with Twitter that is I follow too many people, many of whom I don’t know personally, and it is difficult to keep up. Anxiety, much?

I think Google Wave could be AWESOME for working in teams, especially if you work with teams that are not physically in the same location (this is how I work 90% of the time). Part of my concern is that it will take some time for people to get a Wave account, learn how to use it, and then find value in using it. Honestly, when I meet someone new who has a GMail account, I am still impressed that they’re up on “the new hotness.”

This might take years, folks.

Happy waving!