Stop The Startup Madness

It’s not often I read anything said by Robert Scoble and agree with everything he has said 100%. I find I disagree with him more often than not, but usually that’s somewhere in the Twittersphere or Friendfeed-ersphere. Either way, he’s spot on with his post, The worst things startups do.

If you don’t know who Scoble is, one thing you should know about him is that he talks to a lot of startups. Everytime I turn around he’s talking to a startup CEO, CTO, visiting their offices, reviewing their products, etc. I have known Scoble to do this for years now. Anyway, from what I know as a consultant to startups, my academic training, and my observation of the industry over the last several years, Scoble’s list is accurate. Literally every item on this list are rampant symptoms among dysfunctional startups. So. If you plan on launching a startup, or you have one and you’re wondering why you’ve spent thousands of dollars and nobody is interested in your product, please review Scoble’s list and make adjustments immediately. Your livelihood (and any good employees you’ve managed to lure in) are at stake.

Kanye Brain Break

I’m still busy trying to graduate, and my social media life is deteriorating. I have no idea what’s going on in webgeekland. I have a million feeds to go through. My FriendFeed is barely hanging on.

I’ll get over it.

While I was able to spend five minutes surfing the Internets, I found the video below of Kanye West, posted to his Vimeo account. Kanye and Jonah Hill are playing a (hilarious) game of Connect 4:

Connect 4 – Jonah Hill vs. Kanye from kwest on Vimeo.

Four Quick Thoughts:

  • I love seeing Kanye on Vimeo. Not only do they have better quality video but it’s slightly more nerd chic than YouTube.
  • I wish he had video of the time Beyonce beat him 9 times in a row.
  • I like that this was an edited video of a somewhat spontaneous event. Better than live video that drags on and overly produced/scripted video. Fun.
  • I need that Yeezy Lollipop Remix in my life, like yesterday.

The End of The Feed Reader

A quick post over at Web Worker Daily asks are we entering a Post-Reader era?

I think for me, the answer is yes. Since September of last year, I’ve been struggling with my Google Reader. Every time I look up, my unread count is over 1000 posts. I just can’t keep up. I subscribe to something like 250 feeds, and some of them are inactive, but the active ones are too much for me. Lately, as I go through my feeds, I’ve been  discarding the ones I now find annoying. Cutting back.

My Twitter use supplanted my lack of feed reading, because I figured if it were that groundbreaking, one or a few of the people I follow would tweet about it, with links. For the most part, that’s been helping me stay somewhat aware of  what’s been going on in the e-streets. The new problem is I am trying to cut back on my Twitter use. I have reached a plateau. I don’t want to follow anymore people. I feel detached from people on twitter I felt more attached to. I keep my Twhirl on, but I don’t say much, just watch the tweets go by.

Along the same lines: I can’t stand all this aggregated information of all my friends!  Friendfeed is cool and all, if you have 4 friends. Anything over  4 people is just out of control. Or perhaps, my actual real life friends need to join the service for me to care. I know there are filters. I know there is additional commentary. Whatever. All these  sites are beginning to drive me insane.

A year ago I would have sworn by RSS and activity aggregation, because it felt like it made things so simple and saved me *so* much time. Today, I can’t stand this mess. I am overloaded with information, now I don’t care. Now I visit sites manually again. Now I need something to help me save time on my saving time.

Maybe I’m just grumpy because I’m in the middle of reading my feeds right now.