Get Thee To The Stuyvesants

The Internets has definitely introduced me to some very talented individuals. Moving to NYC has allowed me to meet said individuals in person so I could personally experience just how cool they are in person. The Internets never lets me down.

That being said, it is my pleasure to tell you about two awesome people I have come to know in my time here in the Big Apple: Allan Cole and Darien Victor Birks. These two could merit their own posts of awesomeness, but the purpose of this post in particular is to tell you about a new project Allan and Darien have launched together called The Stuyvesants:

“The Stuyvesants” is a collaborative effort between music producer Allan Cole (Algorythm), and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt). Both reside in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. The two wanted to work together on a project where they could incorporate several of their talents, related to music and design. They wanted to do this under a moniker that would pay homage to the ’70s. The collaboration allowed them to do four major things, design, beat dig, produce amazing music, and simply have fun.

It just launched today, so get it while it’s hot. The music is nice and funky, and I’ve been enjoying it (quietly) for the past few days. These tracks are definitely great for the summertime. I tend to get lost on my way to and from Brooklyn (every time!), and I suppose this will be some good getting-lost-in-BK music for my iPod. Download, cop a t-shirt, and learn more over at The Stuyvesants.

Shouts to BK (another awesome friend via the Internets) for his lovely photography work.

Manhattan Love

I’ve been in NYC for about a month now, and everything is going well. It snowed. A lot. And it was cold. Really cold. Similar to my Boston winter’s during college, I elected to go out in the cold when I felt like it–which is never. The luxury of working from home means I can hibernate for days if I want. I instituted an office policy that says I don’t have to go outside unless it is at least 30 degrees.

I’ve finally picked up this public transportation system, I think. During my first time on the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was lost in the subway (on the F train) for two hours. I was so mad! Today I took the same trip and did it lickety split. I also love the buses here, maybe more than the subway. The buses are great since Manhattan is a grid system. Easy peasy once you get used to it, and the 2 hour transfer system helps a lot (I can do a roundtrip on one metrocard fare if I take the bus one way and the subway on the way back).

Not to be a Brooklyn Debbie Downer, but I REALLY like living in Manhattan. I can’t imagine ever living in Brooklyn now. Everything is so close to me here. Whenever my friends get off work, they’re always nearby for a quick bite for dinner, drink, or movie. The grid is pretty much an actual grid EVERYWHERE in Manhattan. I think if I lived in Brooklyn I would never see Manhattan. It’s too far in my book, haha. I can’t wait for Spring/Summer, I might walk all the way up to Harlem one day, it’s so lovely here!

My life is going to be a lovely wreck for the next few weeks. I am leaving to Boston tomorrow to attend a conference at Harvard Business School. I’m not much of a networker, so I am mostly going to see my friends and sorors attending the conference, and Boston. And maybe MIT, if I feel up to it. The following week I’ll be at SXSW. In between or during these trips I’ll be launching some big projects on the web.

Needless to say, I am a little fried. I am loving life, though!