I’m a GRAMMY Community Blogger–Again!

the 53rd GRAMMY AwardsI’ve been keeping a secret for some time now and I guess it is finally time to let it all hang out. I have been invited to be a Blogger At Large for the 53rd GRAMMY Awards! You may remember that I was a GRAMMY Community Blogger At Large earlier this year for the 52nd GRAMMY Awards, and I am honored to be invited back for their blogger program for the ceremony in February 2011.

Sooo, what does this mean exactly? Well, as Blogger At Large I will be writing content for GRAMMY.com, attending related events (including the 53rd GRAMMY Awards and the official After-Party!), and I’ll be tweeting about these events and blogging about my experiences. I am so excited about this! I had so much fun this year, and this is such an awesome opportunity. I really dig what The Recording Academy is doing with bloggers because it’s not just simply flying us out for a one night event. We get to write content for GRAMMY.com, attend several events, and we work together for a few months leading up to the ceremony.

You might be wondering why I’m involved, as most of the other bloggers in the program are music bloggers. Well, specifically I will be writing content focusing on the social media aspect of the 53rd GRAMMY Awards and related events. I’ll be reviewing their mobile app, talking to staff about their marketing campaign (and its use of social media), and I’ll be covering scheduled events from the perspective of a web nerd. I think I am good at being a web nerd, right? I got this!

First up, I am flying to LA tonight so I can go to “The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!!” tomorrow night. I didn’t get to go to this last year, so this will be my first time! I’m excited to be back in LA and working with my friends over at The Recording Academy. On Thursday, I’ll be at The Recording Academy interviewing staff about their social media projects and tech initiatives for the 53rd GRAMMY Awards. I usually get a sneak peek at a lot of their projects, and they always have awesome secrets for me to keep 🙂  Last year’s campaign was quite impressive, so I am anxious to see what they have in store this year.

Anyway, be sure to follow me on Twitter, as a lot of my GRAMMY info will be there first!

You should also watch this tomorrow night:

The GRAMMY Nominations Concert LIVE!! — Countdown To Music’s Biggest Night

LL Cool J will host and Justin Bieber, B.o.B, Miranda Lambert, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry will perform live on Dec 1st (10/9c) on CBS.

#GRAMMYNoms is our official hashtag, so make sure you follow it on Twitter.

Bare Bones Blogging Presentation

Just thought I would post my presentation deck from my Bare Bones Blogging session from today’s WordCampNYC.

Keep in mind this presentation was intended for beginning bloggers, those new to WordPress or those looking to make the leap from WordPress.com blogging to WordPress.org blogging. There are some links in there I think people may want to check out. Of course, some of the slides don’t make sense without my speaking part, but make due with what you’ve got 🙂

Throwback Style

I’ve been going down Internets Memory Lane. Reading my old blog entries from 2003. I miss my old blog. I miss my old blogging style. This here juke joint is weaksauce. Writing in a voice that’s a very sterile version of who I once was online. Writing about some things that have no immediate interest to me. Maybe I need a new blog. Or new blogs. Very much annoyed with a site with my name on it being so wack though. My tumblr is slightly more exciting, definitely more my speed. Except I don’t really write over there. I’m gonna think about blogging about media/tech elsewhere. This here URL should be about me, and more like me.


It’s been a little over a month since I wrote, So. What Are you doing with your life?


The friend I usually ask this question? I just texted her (at 1:30 in the am):

No srsly. What. Am I doing with my life?

Part of our plans were to quit our jobs and move to Atlanta together. Except that’s not really a plan. That’s just something to do because we’re friends.

Me? I was supposed to be working on my Before 30 List. And then that didn’t happen. I had something to complete by June 30th and somewhere around June 15th I realized it wasn’t going to get done. It wasn’t getting done partially because I was ill prepared (even though I spent all of May preparing), partially because my mind couldn’t get “there,” and then partially I think my fears got the best of me. Sometimes when I try to get in the right frame of mind to execute, my thoughts of fear consume me and then I’m freaking paralyzed.

Then I got distracted. The month of June was full of distractions. Oh how I wish I could divulge one of my major distractions here. Because it’s freaking epic. Totally-left-field, out-of-this-world distraction. Distractions I thought would never in a million years ever happen. It’s as if the universe is conspiring against me to make me as distracted as possible. I would care if I knew what it is I am supposed to be focused on. Usually I know I am on the right trail when the distractions come out full force like this. Except the distractions won this time. #Fail.

It’s as if apathy is getting the best of me. I don’t care about anything anymore. I used to care about the kids (but what about the kids?). I don’t. Not today. I think about quitting the Internets and moving to a small town in New Mexico for the rest of my life. The problem is my mother beat me to it and this is currently what she’s doing with her life. Darn it. I would try to work on getting myself one of those boyfriend-things that then turn into husband-things and then we have those children-things, except I have no idea how to go about doing this. There’s no checklist, or instructions. I’m good at following instructions. But a boyfriend? They just appear, it seems. All of a sudden you’re single and then the next moment you’re boo’d up somewhere. That’s how it always happens to me. This lack of control is getting the best of me.

And so here I am. Almost 2 am on a sweltering Manhattan summer night, listening to Tevin Campbell ask Can We Talk. Can we really talk, Tevin? Because I am trying to find the meaning of freaking life right now and it’s not materializing. Let’s talk about that.

Aight. I’m off to read the Bible or something like it. Gotta be some answers in there, no? I guess we’ll find out.

Suck It, Haters

So, dooce (aka Heather Armstrong) told all her haters they can suck it.

I guess the haters got a big dose of Haterade this week because Heather was invited to go to the White House for the Workplace Flexibility forum. Me? I thought it was pretty cool that she was invited (i.e. the White House’s sensibility on the web never fails), and well, I have loved reading dooce for so long, it was great to see a blogger I enjoy reading get a cool opportunity.

You might be wondering why I (the chronically single, chronically non-committal misfit) read a mommyblog. Love moms, love bloggers, but mommyblog chasers annoy me and by extension mommyblogs kind of annoy me (don’t fret, once I get pregnant you will get never ending, insufferable mommyblogging from me). I guess you would have to know that dooce didn’t start out as a mommyblogger. I started reading dooce what seems like decades ago in Internets time. It was sometime in 2003 before her first child was born. I remember I sat down and read all of her archives in the matter of two days. Most notably I remembered her tales about living in Los Angeles (I was living in Boston at the time, HATING the east coast, wishing I lived in SoCal again) and how she wound up getting dooced. Over the years dooce has morphed into mommyblogger extraordinaire and here I am, still a faithful reading fan. I often talk about her escapades with my friends who also read her blog.

Dooce has apparently collected some haters over the years I see. It kind of breaks my heart. I mean, how could you not love dooce? She’s funny, she’s open about her life, she’s making a living out of blogging (albeit in Utah, but she’s happy!), she’s a great designer/photographer, she can laugh at herself, and she’s an awesome writer. How could you not cheer this woman on? I’d hate to assume the haters are jealous…but really, what is it? I mean, I can understand why some internet microcelebrities get haters, because some of them are actually obnoxious (ha). But dooce? A former Morman, and mother of two in Utah? C’mon, Internets. We’ve got to do better.