Ask My BFF Anything, a new website by WeTV, launched this week and my BFF Panama Jackson is one of its featured writers. P’s character, or persona, is the “Girls’ BFF,” which is funny to me because that’s exactly what he’s been to me for the past several years. You can read his bio and archive on GuySpeak over here. If you’ve been keeping up, you know P from our blog VerySmartBrothas, or his throwback blog Jackson G Tickle.

I’m so proud of P for landing himself a writing gig on the web. It seems like it was just yesterday he was a hilarious stranger leaving silly comments on my lil ole blog. That was back in 2004, and he has grown so much since then.

Yes, I am proud. But I am more interested in making him work for the money, so go ask him your relationship-themed questions, stat!

My First Impressions on Google Wave

wave.jpgI woke up this morning to a sweet little email letting me know I had been invited to Google Wave by a very special friend (this friend btw? always superb!). I rolled out of bed and popped open my laptop to see what the fuss was all about. Honestly, when the Google Wave anouncement happened months ago, I was less than enthused. I didn’t even bother signing up for an invite request because I had web application fatigue and didn’t want yet another web app to learn and fuss over. Lately I have been wondering what is the next internet sensation to move to. I am growing weary with Twitter, I like Friendfeed but I don’t have the time to put work into it everyday, and I pretty much hate Facebook (but it is a necessary evil). That being said, Google Wave came right on time.

So…. how do I like it?


So far, I find it to be pretty boring….mostly because I only have one friend on Google Wave and I’d rather not bombard them with all my incessant testing/waving. I had 8 invites, that I sent to 8 of my friends but the invites don’t send immediately. My friends might get their invite today or tomorrow, or next week. Who really knows?

I definitely think this tool will be more useful as it gains critical mass, preferably among one’s own friends and colleagues. I am apprehensive about waving to strangers (or even loose-tie connections), because I fear spam (there is already a spam folder!) as well as fatigue from too much activity. Part of my frustration with Twitter that is I follow too many people, many of whom I don’t know personally, and it is difficult to keep up. Anxiety, much?

I think Google Wave could be AWESOME for working in teams, especially if you work with teams that are not physically in the same location (this is how I work 90% of the time). Part of my concern is that it will take some time for people to get a Wave account, learn how to use it, and then find value in using it. Honestly, when I meet someone new who has a GMail account, I am still impressed that they’re up on “the new hotness.”

This might take years, folks.

Happy waving!

Two Bi-Racial Friends on Being Black

From the NYT Freakonomics blog, on mixed race children:

There are some bad adolescent behaviors that whites do more than blacks
(like drinking and smoking), and there are other bad adolescent
behaviors that blacks do more than whites (watching TV, fighting,
getting sexually transmitted diseases
). Mixed-race kids manage to be as
bad as whites on the white behaviors and as bad as blacks on the black

Me: since when was watching tv a bad adolescent behavior?!?!?1
BFF: I’m guessing they mean watching too much television
Me: lollll there is no such thing!
Me: long as ur homework is gettin done
BFF: yep you’re Black
Me: LOL!

Where I've Been

It’s been a rough few weeks here at lizbdotscom. I’ve been everywhere doing everything, yet nowhere doing nothing. All at the same time. So, let me give an update to the few people who keep up with me on my pitiful little piece of cyberspace:

  1. I’ve been consulting on the side. Yes, cheating on all of you! I am a web/social media/technology consultant. It’s been fun so far, I have some super awesome great clients, and I have been learning so much. I love it. I will at some point launch a website for my consulting company. Right now, I am too busy doing the actual consulting work though.
  2. I am working with a startup. Those in the inner circle already got my e-mail telling them what I am up to. I will announce more details here, shortly. I promise!
  3. I went on “vacation”!! I put vacation in  quotes because it wasn’t a true vacation, I was so busy! I was in DC,  for my dear sorority’s 100 year anniversary celebration. Alpha Kappa Alpha worked it out in DC, ya’ll! This was my second national convention since I was initiated six years ago. It was lovely–the little piece I saw of it. Truthfully, I couldn’t take off enough vacation days to spend the whole time there, and I was in the middle of launching a site into beta while I was away. I did get some time to catch up with some of my prophytes, had a chapter reunion, saw some of my sands I haven’t seen in years, met and hung out with a soror  who is an avid reader of VerySmartBrothas (I’ll have to write a post on the experience of meeting your readers). I also spent some a lot of money on paraphernalia, and had the opportunity to spend some time with the BFF and his main squeeze. I still missed seeing some important people on this first round, but I think I am going to be back in DC in January, so hopefully I can finish the rounds then.
  4. I snuck a quick trip (24 hours) to NYC while I was on “vacation.”  Spent some time with some of my favorite people 🙂 New York loves me, I tell you! I was in BK exiting a restaurant, when I heard somebody call out to me by my government name. Turns out one of my friends I hadn’t seen in years was walking by and saw me. Crazy. I thought he was in LA this whole time, but turns out he had moved to NYC since we lost contact. An iPhone restore gone bad has erased his number from my phone tho! LOL.*sigh*
  5. Let me not even go there with Apple right now. They deserve an entire entry over this whole new iPhone fiasco.
  6. I’ve been in a grouchy mood lately, and I realized it’s because I hadn’t heard any new music (I haven’t had time to look in my usual spots). I am back on the bandwagon though. Amanda Blank and The Cool Kids have revived me out of my funk. Check Amanda out on Santogold’s “I’m A Lady,” and take The Cool Kids’ Bake Sale for a spin.
  7. I recently gave a presentation called Blogging 101 for the local chapter of the NABJ. It was a great experience. Even though I have been blogging here and everywhere for the past five years, when you sit down to articulate your experiences and best practices to a new audience you realize there is an art to this whole blogging thing.

Now that everyone is thoroughly all up in my business, I think I’ll shut up now. New blog tagline courtesy of The Cool Kids.