Suck It, Haters

So, dooce (aka Heather Armstrong) told all her haters they can suck it.

I guess the haters got a big dose of Haterade this week because Heather was invited to go to the White House for the Workplace Flexibility forum. Me? I thought it was pretty cool that she was invited (i.e. the White House’s sensibility on the web never fails), and well, I have loved reading dooce for so long, it was great to see a blogger I enjoy reading get a cool opportunity.

You might be wondering why I (the chronically single, chronically non-committal misfit) read a mommyblog. Love moms, love bloggers, but mommyblog chasers annoy me and by extension mommyblogs kind of annoy me (don’t fret, once I get pregnant you will get never ending, insufferable mommyblogging from me). I guess you would have to know that dooce didn’t start out as a mommyblogger. I started reading dooce what seems like decades ago in Internets time. It was sometime in 2003 before her first child was born. I remember I sat down and read all of her archives in the matter of two days. Most notably I remembered her tales about living in Los Angeles (I was living in Boston at the time, HATING the east coast, wishing I lived in SoCal again) and how she wound up getting dooced. Over the years dooce has morphed into mommyblogger extraordinaire and here I am, still a faithful reading fan. I often talk about her escapades with my friends who also read her blog.

Dooce has apparently collected some haters over the years I see. It kind of breaks my heart. I mean, how could you not love dooce? She’s funny, she’s open about her life, she’s making a living out of blogging (albeit in Utah, but she’s happy!), she’s a great designer/photographer, she can laugh at herself, and she’s an awesome writer. How could you not cheer this woman on? I’d hate to assume the haters are jealous…but really, what is it? I mean, I can understand why some internet microcelebrities get haters, because some of them are actually obnoxious (ha). But dooce? A former Morman, and mother of two in Utah? C’mon, Internets. We’ve got to do better.

3 thoughts on “Suck It, Haters”

    1. I’m liking her HGTV deal too. I’ve been wondering how it’s all going to play out. So far seems to be going well, I’d like to see more though.

  1. Cosign of course. I’m not sure I even WANT to create evil offspring, but I mommy along with her b/c she is hands down one of the funniest writers I have EVER read on the web (hell, and off the web).

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