She's Back, and I'm Obsessed!

Yesterday, my hands down favorite artist of all time, Mariah Carey, dropped a new single. Lucky for me we are Twitter BFFs so I knew the exact time the single would debut on her website. (Ok, so we are Twitter BFFs but she doesn’t know it yet).

Anyway, listen to the track and take it for a spin. It grew on me after about the second listen, which seems promising. I didn’t like the idea of her using auto-tune, but really, Mariah has been everywhere in back with her sound, so why not try it? Her new album better not be auto-tuned out though.

Love it!

I just hope this song isn’t about Eminem. We covered Em a few albums back, let’s not bring him up again. Meh.

I’m pretty sure Mimi will gain back her huge advantage over Kanye West on my Last.FM profile.

(p.s. this video player is teh awsum right? It better be, it was product managed by yours truly for one of my clients! I think it’s so cute!)

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