Seven Songs of Summer

I was tagged by Lis and Tiffany to do a meme:

“List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre,
whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must
be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post
these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag
seven other people to see what they’re listening to.”

In my iTunes I keep a “50 Most Often Played Tracks” that keeps track of the songs I listen to the most often, that have been added within the last month. That being said, WEEZY took all the top spots with Tha Carter III, so I just pulled one track from his album. The rest are high on the list:

Top Down – Swizz Beats
This track is super great. I was put on to it by Clarence, and I have been loving it ever since. Nice opening. Nice hook. Nice production. Sounds awesome in my car.

La La – Lil Wayne
My most played track off Tha Carter III. Clearly I love this song, my blog tagline is a line from the hook. I love the first verse in its entirety, and I like how the hook comes in.

Official Girl – Karina Pasian
This is the first track I have ever heard by this artist, but I think she’s a cutie. Cute song about putting a guy in check because he won’t make her his official girl.

Play Your Part (Part 2) – Girl Talk
You are extra late if you’re not all over Girl Talk by now. Weezy over Red Hot Chili Peppers never sounded so good. The whole album is fresh, but this track is my favorite. Pop, lock and drop it.

More Than Friends – Estelle
Estelle tries to tell her would-be man that she needs/wants to escalate their relationship to the next level. (Are we noticing a trend here?) I like Estelle’s vocals on this track, and the lyrics are kinda clever, though I feel like she’s begging. I don’t beg. Her dude sounds wack anyway, I think she should move on.

Put On – Young Jeezy ft Kanye West
Let’s be honest, I skip Jeezy’s first two verses more than half the time on this track. Kanye’s verse is where it’s at, mostly because of his opening four lines, and AutoTune. ‘Ye sounds great on AutoTune, I don’t care how hard so-called music lovers complain about the technique. The verse has me worried about ‘Ye though, like I think dude needs a hug or something.

Heat – Mariah Carey
This is a hidden or an import track from her last album. I like it due to MC’s attitude. She’s going on about some chick having the audacity to think she won’t get down over her man. “You think I won’t come out these heels and make it clear, I ain’t the one.” Tell it, Mimi!

Summer Throwback Bonus:
Head Over Feet – Alanis Morisette
This is throwback from my high school days. Specifically, this was my jam the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year when I was going hard in basketball summer league. My summer was all about basketball, watching the Olympics, and Alanis Morisette. I didn’t really get the lyrics back then, but I think I understand them now.

I was gonna put these on my Muxtape, but I am too lazy to burn my iTunes tracks and then rip them again. DRM on iTunes, FTL. I also won’t tag anybody else (laziness again, FTW), but you can raise your hand if you’re feelin lucky.

P.S. This is not a music blog, but you wouldn’t know that based on my posts as of late.

3 thoughts on “Seven Songs of Summer”

  1. Hey Lizz!
    Even though you didn’t tag me, I’m doing this anyway. Good selection. La La is one of my favs from TC3. I love this line:”…four tears in my eyes and you ain’t never heard me cry. I’m richer than all ya’ll..I got a bank full of pride..”

  2. @Lis: Yeah I might have to mosey on over to the Amazon MP3 store and see what they’re about. Right now, iTunes’ only edge seems to be conveninece of searching what I am looking for right within the application. But that might night be able to trump sharing my tracks easily for long.
    @alisha: I love that last line too!!! Weezy’s swagger is great in that first verse. When I need a pick me up I turn on this track lol.

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