Quick trip to LA, Black Weblog Awards, and #BlogHer10

I really need to slow my life down a bit. I am back to feeling perpetually 72 hours behind on my life. Sigh.

The rundown, in bullet point formation:

  • Went to LA last week for a wedding. This was by far the most expensive plane ticket I have ever paid for. Annoyed. But, I spent time catching up with my friends while in LA and I must say it was one of my more happier weeks as of late.
  • I also got to go to the GRAMMY Block Party at the Recording Academy in LA. It was cool. I had a Media Pass and brought one of my new favorite people, Josh, with me. I got there kinda late so I missed Chuck Wicks performing (he’s superfine, and I did see him mingling about backstage), but I did get to see Raphael Saadiq perform AND I got to interview him backstage. He was very friendly and had the nicest teeth ever!
  • One of my projects, VerySmartBrothas.com, has been nominated as a finalist for 4 Black Weblog Awards this year. Pretty awesome and surprising, I think? We were nominated for 4 awards last year too, but it’s always nice to get recognized. Go vote for us.
  • I’m at BlogHer this weekend! I don’t know if I should be excited or not. I went to pick up my registration stuff today and everything in our swag bag seems to be geared towards moms. I mean what am I supposed to do with a Jimmy Dean alarm clock? And a Play-Doh set? Umm, yeah. I think part of the reason why I never attended BlogHer in the past was because it always felt overrun with mommybloggers. NTTAWWT. I’m just not a mommyblogger so it seems like it would be of less value to me. I am a female blogger though, which is why I am giving it a chance.

Some great stuff has been happening in life lately. I just need to like….be rested so I can enjoy and participate.

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