Producing “She’s The Boss”

I’ve been super busy lately because I have been in the throws of producing  an original web series for a client. I’ve reached a milestone (the series debuted!), so I figured I would weigh in with some thoughts and an update.

Have I produced a web series before? No. Since high school, I’ve made small video projects over the years but nothing with a budget, an idea, and a team of people to work with to make it happen.  After a longtime client asked me to help oversee his production studio, this web series landed on my desk and I did my best to make it work.

I like challenges.

Enter She’s The Boss

The overall concept of the series She’s The Boss was semi-packaged by the time I stepped on the scene: it would be a series profiling NYC’s Black businesswomen and industry leaders. 20 women, 20 episodes,  5-7 minutes each and sponsored by General Mills. There were some big challenges though: we did not have any guests confirmed, the creative aspects of the series hadn’t been finalized, the client had just bought the show and it needed to go up ASAP. It would be a hustle to get this project up and going. We could do this, right?


The series debuted last week, and it’s been an exciting few weeks to say the least. We’re still booking guests, but the guest list and shoots have been awesome. We shoot almost every week and every shoot day is different, with its own set of challenges and personalities. The other day I was on set tearing up a bit by just how inspiring and awesome our guest for Episode 3 was. I did a walk through on location with the guest for Episode 5 today and she had the best energy. It’s an exciting time to be working on projects like this.

Episode 1: Ericka Dotson, Indique Hair

This was our first shoot–ever–and Ericka Dotson was great. She has awesome energy and her team is very well put together and fun to work with. I was nervous about the shoot but it went well. It’s not 100% perfect, so you know my inner perfectionist is uncomfortable, but overall I am happy. I look forward to our other episodes building on top of this one. Check out Episode 2 over here, featuring my soror Michelle James.

Being A Boss Lady

She’s The Boss is an aptly named series for my first project in this role as I get comfortable with being “the boss” of a team of folks.  I’ve worked for myself for the last 3 years, so it’s been a while since I worked with a team, let alone worked in a leadership capacity. I’m still growing, learning how to lead, getting my stride together, etc, so being on set with these phenomenal ladies has been a a great “learning on the job” experience. These interviews keep me grounded and reinforce to me what it means to a woman and a leader. It’s okay to be confident, it’s okay to be “aggressive,” it’s okay to be a perfectionist, and it’s okay to delegate.

I can’t wait to finish shooting this series! For now, you can catch a new episode every Thursday on

9 thoughts on “Producing “She’s The Boss””

  1. I am super happy and proud of you! Sending this to my Sis and all the fabulous She’s the Boss women I know. Way to go!

  2. Hey Liz,

    I am new reader of your blog. I remember you at VSB’s. Why have you stopped writing for them?
    Can I also ask why MIT for Comparative Media Studies instead of hard sciences? How did you enjoy your experience there?

    I am about to graduate from undergrad in about a year and I want to pick up as much knowledge from others as possible.

    1. Hi Yana!

      I’ve never been a regular writer on VSB lol. So, there was nothing to really stop. I pop in here and there to write when the guys are busy or something is going on. Other than that, I haven’t been as active in comments because I’ve been busy with this project.

      My degree from MIT is a BS degree so I do have a hard science background. I always loved telling stories though, so I dropped my biology major at MIT after three years because my heart wasn’t in it as a career. MIT was great. Trying, but great. I would definitely do it all over again!

  3. I’m so glad you profiled Ms. Dotson! It’s great to see us take back our own industry and put that money back into the consumer’s community. Keep up the fantastic work!

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