Suck It, Haters

So, dooce (aka Heather Armstrong) told all her haters they can suck it.

I guess the haters got a big dose of Haterade this week because Heather was invited to go to the White House for the Workplace Flexibility forum. Me? I thought it was pretty cool that she was invited (i.e. the White House’s sensibility on the web never fails), and well, I have loved reading dooce for so long, it was great to see a blogger I enjoy reading get a cool opportunity.

You might be wondering why I (the chronically single, chronically non-committal misfit) read a mommyblog. Love moms, love bloggers, but mommyblog chasers annoy me and by extension mommyblogs kind of annoy me (don’t fret, once I get pregnant you will get never ending, insufferable mommyblogging from me). I guess you would have to know that dooce didn’t start out as a mommyblogger. I started reading dooce what seems like decades ago in Internets time. It was sometime in 2003 before her first child was born. I remember I sat down and read all of her archives in the matter of two days. Most notably I remembered her tales about living in Los Angeles (I was living in Boston at the time, HATING the east coast, wishing I lived in SoCal again) and how she wound up getting dooced. Over the years dooce has morphed into mommyblogger extraordinaire and here I am, still a faithful reading fan. I often talk about her escapades with my friends who also read her blog.

Dooce has apparently collected some haters over the years I see. It kind of breaks my heart. I mean, how could you not love dooce? She’s funny, she’s open about her life, she’s making a living out of blogging (albeit in Utah, but she’s happy!), she’s a great designer/photographer, she can laugh at herself, and she’s an awesome writer. How could you not cheer this woman on? I’d hate to assume the haters are jealous…but really, what is it? I mean, I can understand why some internet microcelebrities get haters, because some of them are actually obnoxious (ha). But dooce? A former Morman, and mother of two in Utah? C’mon, Internets. We’ve got to do better.

21 Months Ago

21 months ago I did something I never ever thought I’d do: I signed up to help out on an election campaign (you can play Where’s Liz in that pic, I am somewhere in the crowd, haha).

It was early. Obama had just announced he was going for the gold. People were apprehensive about the idea of a Black man actually running and winning. I know some of my friends were really skeptical, telling me they weren’t convinced, yadda yadda. I didn’t fight it back then. I admit, I was apprehensive too, but for whatever reason I believed he could do it.

I am in Chicago right now with lots of friends and lots of people. I am going to the rally. The city is electric with enthusiasm. People are either going to rally or riot, true story. I just got back from a tour of Obama HQ in downtown Chicago and it was all I ever dreamed it would be. Only with less people around. Everyone was pretty calm, tho I was impressed with the energy of the New Media team (and yes I am jealous of them too–dope gig!).

Hopefully tonight my blind faith and enthusiasm that began 21 months ago will come to fruition.

"Damn You Barack Obama, You Pretty Muthaf***er"

I just found this performance piece via Baratunde. It’s almost a year old, but it’s awesome and still applies today. Performed by Darian Dauchan. I laughed, I cried.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Obama. I forgot how much I enjoy slam poetry. I need to hit up some spots here in LA and see some live shows.