Obligatory 2008 Entry

It’s 2008. I’m closer to being old. The only cool thing about 2008 is that it’s the One Hundred Year Anniversary of my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the first sorority founded for Black college women. Oh, and The Wire is back. Other than these two points, 2008 had nuthin’ else going for it, as far as I am concerned.

My thing for ’08 is going to be work it, hustle, just DO it. I’ve spent many a month now, not doing the projects I want to do, not pursuing my goals. Confusing myself.  But ’08 is my transition year. Part of my problem is I can’t seem to keep  my behind out of school. I swore off school once I was done at MIT, but somehow found myself in this grad program at USC. I promise I didn’t plan this, this was totally accidental. Either way, I wrap up the master’s in May, and I plan on hitting the ground running. I am going to take it easy these first two quarters, quietly planning my execution come summertime.

And now, I leave you with my favorite hustle lyrics of the moment, by the esteemed Jay-Z:

“Hustle cane, hustle clothes, or hustle music/But hustle hard in any hustle that you pick.”

I Promise I Have An Opinon

I started blogging back in late 2002, mostly about personal items. When you’re in college, of course you’re doing a lot of soul searching, etc. I blogged everyday, sometimes even a couple times a day. Right now, I am very afraid to visit those archives, who knows what I said back then. Either way, this here blog is supposed to be different. I guess it is a collection of my opinions and thoughts about the web, social media, updates on my life, links to things I am doing on the web, and anything else that comes to mind. Less personal business (I have reserved that for my VOX, for some unknown reason).

The problem with this blog is that I am currently 6 weeks behind on the Internet. How does one get behind on the internet? That’s easy, just stop reading all of your regular blogs or RSS feeds. Google Reader now tells me that I have 4664 Unread items. I could mark all as read, but I cannot do that. Not without sifting through them a bit. It appears as though my job, my thesis and other grad school work got in the way these past few weeks and here I am. behind on the internet with no opinion.

In the meantime, I think I’d rather pimp out my site than catch up in the internet.  But I guess I need some content first. I’ll be back when I have an opinion to write about.

Black Friday Came And Went

Being the nerd and cheapskate that I am (always love a deal), Black Friday is naturally one of my favorite days of the year. I like to get up early, and hit one or two stores (not too many, or it’s a wrap) to find the best deal on something electronic. A digital camera, a DVD player, memory of some sort, digital storage. I scope out sites like bfads.net beforehand, so I know which stores to hit up.

This year, it was slim pickins. I didn’t like any of the cameras on sale (none were better than the beat up camera that I have and love), I don’t need a TV (even though I tried to come up with some excuses as to why and where I would put a new LCD HDTV), I just bought an external drive the other day. Needles to say, my Black Friday was a bust. I ended up buying some DVD-Rs, and CD-Rs for next to nothing, and I copped Season 3 of The Wire for half off. I would have liked something glitzier for this year, but eh. I guess I’ll pocket the money.


It’s late and I’m up tooling away on Movable Type. I think this is my retirement comeback from the MT beast. I’ve been dabbling in WordPress the past few years, but back in 2003 I came on the scene using MT. MT4 is kinda fresh, so I’ll keep this installation up so I can stay on top of what’s going on.