On Staying Sane

I have been working a lot lately, mostly on the startup, and I’ve been running myself a little ragged. Due to this I have been searching for things to help me stay focused and calm, but organized and competent. Two things in particular have greatly helped me:

1. An Assistant. I hired an assistant because I was putting off some of my paperwork and smaller items and procrastinating with getting things done on the business side. My assistant is superawesome. I started her off with only a few hours a month, but I am going to increase her hours as much as she can handle (and as much as I can afford) so that I can have sort of a backup person to remind me of things, stay on top of my pile of bills, etc. My assistant is definitely more than just an assistant though, so I am very lucky to have her on board.

2. Mini Vacations. This past weekend I went to Atlanta for Morehouse/Spelman Homecoming. No, I didn’t go to Spelman but I have lots of friends who went to Morehouse and they go to homecoming every year. Anyway, I did the  unthinkable and didn’t work for 3 whole days. I just kept an eye on email via my iPhone and had lots and lots of fun. Staying in a nice hotel, renting a car, and inviting your friends to come share in on the fun helped reset my frantic life. I often work 7 days a week, and perhaps something like 15 hours a day. It was very difficult to leave my work behind, but I managed. I think I may plan for something like this every other a month: a trip somewhere either to visit family and friends I haven’t seen in a while or to go to a special event. I feel much more focused and refreshed now that I am back, and I didn’t break my bank either.

I am still in search of other things to stay healthy and sane, but so far I feel like I am off to a good start. What keeps you balanced?

4 thoughts on “On Staying Sane”

  1. I can’t afford to travel, but if I can just sneak in a few hours of relatively mindless, distraction-free entertainment, I consider that a win. Whether it’s playing a videogame, trying to guess who is the baby’s daddy on Maury, or watching FOX News, it all helps me to just shut down my brain for a while and not worry about things that will still be there for me to worry about tomorrow.

  2. LMAO..
    You went to my homecoming and I have not been back to my own homecoming at Spelman since I graduated in 1996. I know you had a blast!
    Mini vacations are necessary!
    I don’t know the prices of Amtrak but maybe riding up to the Bay area would be a nice change. Or going further south? I enjoy riding the train for it is a few hours of silence without being hooked up to the internet for me.
    You will slowly make your stride. Just make a checklist of what you need to accomplish everyday. That is what i do and it helps but then I know if I don’t have my check list then I some what do more than what I should spread our over a few days!

  3. This is a great idea! I am in the process of reorganizing my lifestyle. For one, I need a life! Working and going to school at such a late age is a challenge, but not impossible! I need to make myself go on mini escursions again like I used to. Your post is truly encouraging me and thanks for sharing!

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