Oh, I have a blog. That's right.

Life is moving along well in the world of running my own business. Between working with my clients, managing the business side of the business, and launching a startup, my schedule is crazy. I have evaded a few panic attacks the past few weeks, which is good because they wouldn’t have been worth it. I alternate between obsessing over my checking account balance everyday, and swiping away to my hearts content and forcing myself NOT  to look at my bank account balance for days. There’s got to  be a happy medium in there somewhere.

I want to thank all the folks again who come by and send me a sweet email or leave a comment to cheer me on. It seems right when I am almost to a low point (albeit dramatic–I really don’t have much to be sad about lol), somebody somewhere says something to put a smile on my face, and I push forward. Thank you.

I have a cold. I need health insurance. I know how to get health insurance. I know how to get affordable health insurance. But I am being silly and want to save that money. I will get my health insurance soon though. SOON. I just have to get my mind right and fill out those forms again. I hate forms. I hate paperwork. So much so, I have $250 free bucks waiting for me. I just have to fill out a form to get it. It’s been a month and I still have not filled out the form.

I had to send a fax out of state this week. It cost me something over 5 dollars to send 4 pages over at Kinko’s. What the mess? I have two fax/scan/copy machines, but no phone line. I don’t think getting a phone line is worth the cost…I’ve been looking into some electronic faxing solutions. If you know of any, let me know.

Now that I am the master of my own schedule, I have been thinking about going to more conferences to beef up my skills and such. I don’t like networking (surprise! It’s because I am shy). But I love conferences. So, I am going to SXSWi this year, and I am batting my eyelashes at The Future of Web Apps. I have never been to Miami, either! I just need to get myself one more fat contract and I will sign right up.

I find that I am addicted to work. Doesn’t matter which project (a client, the startup, my pet projects), I am just always working working working and getting a little lost in my work. Like, I’ll go out on a weekend night, come home at 2 am and then work until 5 am. And  for some reason I cannot sleep past 8 am to save my life. My energy is on a hundred, thousand, trillion! I felt guilty for taking the day off to be sick in bed. I need to watch myself. Good thing I have planned a vacation at the end of the month. Going to ATL (again) to see my best bud as well as one of my line sisters, and have a very non-work filled weekend. I am excited. Of course, I plan to play hard, so that means I’ll be working hard up until then. Maybe if I can schedule in weekend getaways every month or so, I will be ok.

Ok, I need to get my day going. I have roughly four hours of meetings today. Fun.

12 thoughts on “Oh, I have a blog. That's right.”

  1. I’ve used http://faxzero.com/ before when I wasn’t near my fax machine. If you use them, pay the fee $2 so you don’t have the advertised fax cover.
    However, you should pay for a home phone line and write it off your taxes. It’s only about $25 for basic service. No call waiting, etc. Don’t even give out the number if it’s not necessary.
    It makes life much simpler.
    April 🙂

  2. Ditto on Roy’s suggestion but I pay for mine monthly because I receive a lot of faxes from others who don’t know how to scan and send .pdf file. If you have a flatbed scanner then with Efax you are set. It comes right into your email too (the faxes) and your phone number (well for me) can also be used as a voice messaging service which I have never used but I may consider using that feature.
    Get some rest sis!

  3. I admire you girl! You’re doing something that many (including myself) can only dream of doing. I hate HAVING to work 9-5… There’s so much I wanna do, but at the moment all I can do is save, save, save.

  4. Yay Liz! Glad to see my original twitter crush is still doin’ the damn thang. You are a bright girl, and I’m sure you comprehend that sharing your experiences helps others. But, since you’re so grounded you could never appreciate to what extent. We love you!
    I wasn’t gonna comment on the fax thing, and in a way I’m still not addressing your original question…I have championed a few causes in recent years. One is encouraging everyone I know to embrace communication via the Web, with a mobile focus. The other is to bring about the death of facsimile. I boycott it every chance I get because I feel it has ZERO usefulness. If someone I’m communicating with wants to revert good useful digital data to paper, that’s on them…not my problem. Take this .pdf and gone ’bout yo bidness…LOL!

  5. Hey Liz,
    For faxing solutions, you should try efax. I actually use it for work, but my company pays it for me. I think you pay like $30 (not sure) a month? I’m not sure how much you fax everyday, but it cuts away the fax machine and you send all your faxes by e-mail. Scan them and fax it via e-mail. Pretty simple.
    Looks like you’re doing so well! 🙂 Keep on rockin’, Liz! You’re such an inspiration!

  6. GotFreeFax.com is another website that allows user to send free fax online to the US and Canada. User can either upload a PDF/Word file or enter text to fax. Plus, it does not add Ads to user’s fax, which makes it suitable for faxing formal documents.

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