NY State of Mind

I’m up late. Thinking about moving.

For the last 18 months I have had this itch to move to New York City. Some days the itch is faint. Other days it’s ridiculously strong. I don’t have any strong reasons to move to NYC (job, family); my sole motivation is to do it just to see if I can do it. Then move back to California where I will (presumably) get married and have children and raise them in sunny Orange County, preferably Irvine or Newport Beach. If you knew either of these two cities, you might want to barf, as they’re pretty much the epitome of Levittown, only with better weather and  Asians. I can’t help it though, I grew up in Tustin, and my first job was in Newport Beach. I spent my entire life watching the happy people live their happy little Levittown lives in Irvine and Newport, I guess that was my reference point for The American Dream.

Back to NYC. My ace Boom lives in NYC. Lots of cool people I know and love live in NYC. LA is starting to bore me. Yes, I love the weather. I hate driving. That’s a lie, I love to drive. I hate the time spent driving though. I love my New Mexico road trips. I don’t like how a NM road trip is the equivalent of a trip to the San Gabriel Valley for me. But I do feel bored here. Social life is almost stifling here.  

I started to look on craigslist for NYC apartments. I can’t help but feel like a fish out of water, toying with this idea. I haven’t been so off kilter since my first week arriving at MIT back in ’99. I remember it so vividly, my first night there. My parents shipped me off to MIT all by my lonesome. My dorm room was so bare and sterile. I was afraid to walk outside by myself at night. I was obsessed with not losing my dorm room keys. It was just me, in this new foreign place. For years I tried to avoid that feeling, but now, I kind of yearn for it again. Newness.

I just may put a plan in motion to move to NYC. Not making any promises. I did move out to LA for A Reason and I have yet to seriously confront that Reason. I have my excuses (work, school, new business), but in reality I have never given it the ole college try. Moving to NYC would mean turning on that idea for now, and so I wonder, do I have the guts to go for what I said I wanted? Do I still want It?

We shall see.

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  1. Well… I remember my feelings when moving to AZ from the islands. It was a thing I wanted to do. Some people may think one of the reasons are stupid, but I don’t regret those reasons. I moved there with the feelings of newness, excitement. Moving back to NYC (I’ve move to the islands first from NYC, which makes me a NY Native), my feelings were defeat, especially since I was literally scrapping to get back to NY. By the time I made it to the front door of my family, the last $25 went to a taxi to take me to the door.
    Will I move to a new state? Perhaps. But I don’t see me doing it anytime soon.
    But I wish you luck.

  2. i have the same feelings. but not in particular for nyc.
    i always have the urge to move, caus i’m used to not staying at a place for too long. but now that i’ve been at one city for a while it is also comforting.
    but i am gonna move!
    i think you should just do it. just to see how it it.

  3. Liz!! You know I would LOVE to have you in NYC. Though I am not a native New Yorker, next year, it will be 8 years that I have been living here and I still prefer it over all the places I have lived.
    If not NYC, I think I would have to move to Europe or London! I am an urban girl though and I prefer public transportation and the easiness of having everything within walking distance or a subway or bus ride away. It can be culture shock for those not accustomed to this culture but for me it is natural for me to live this way.
    The only thing you will have to deal with though is the lack of having a lot of physical space to spread your belongings. I have a TON of books, and so much that now I am beginning to get rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need so I can attempt to create some type of zen like atmosphere to be productive in.
    It’s an attitude change too. I have become MUCH more aggressive living here than anywhere but people need to know not to mess with you. Though I am considered nice, people know too not to cross me!
    People will find your weaknesses quicker here than anywhere. I am always on alert for the bull crap! But that is a part of life though.
    New York has made me a better person though in interacting with diversity. Just know as a person of color that you will be around so many cultures that many people will always ask you what country are you from! I never understood that until I realized that is the true nature of New York for it is an immigrant culture.
    Everyone to me should have the New York experience! I am excited for you!

  4. Wooot! Come to NYC woman! You know you NEED TO! *LoL*
    Seriously though, I want to move to and I think it’s for that same reason of needing something new. It’s feasible for me right now but I will get up outta here.
    In the meantime, bring yo’ butt! LOL I’ll still be here!

  5. Girl, I feel you. I had that same feeling all summer…and I just had my 3rd interview for a job up there, so we’ll see. You know, without knowing all the other details one needs to consider when making a major decision…I’d say go for it. Its NYC, like you said a lot of cool people, but a chance to make connections. Whether it be personal, work, or leisure.
    Go for it!
    And who knows, maybe you will meet a Cali ex-pat there, who also wants to move back to Cali eventually to have kids and raise them in sunny Orange County;)
    Good luck!

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