Manhattan Love

I’ve been in NYC for about a month now, and everything is going well. It snowed. A lot. And it was cold. Really cold. Similar to my Boston winter’s during college, I elected to go out in the cold when I felt like it–which is never. The luxury of working from home means I can hibernate for days if I want. I instituted an office policy that says I don’t have to go outside unless it is at least 30 degrees.

I’ve finally picked up this public transportation system, I think. During my first time on the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was lost in the subway (on the F train) for two hours. I was so mad! Today I took the same trip and did it lickety split. I also love the buses here, maybe more than the subway. The buses are great since Manhattan is a grid system. Easy peasy once you get used to it, and the 2 hour transfer system helps a lot (I can do a roundtrip on one metrocard fare if I take the bus one way and the subway on the way back).

Not to be a Brooklyn Debbie Downer, but I REALLY like living in Manhattan. I can’t imagine ever living in Brooklyn now. Everything is so close to me here. Whenever my friends get off work, they’re always nearby for a quick bite for dinner, drink, or movie. The grid is pretty much an actual grid EVERYWHERE in Manhattan. I think if I lived in Brooklyn I would never see Manhattan. It’s too far in my book, haha. I can’t wait for Spring/Summer, I might walk all the way up to Harlem one day, it’s so lovely here!

My life is going to be a lovely wreck for the next few weeks. I am leaving to Boston tomorrow to attend a conference at Harvard Business School. I’m not much of a networker, so I am mostly going to see my friends and sorors attending the conference, and Boston. And maybe MIT, if I feel up to it. The following week I’ll be at SXSW. In between or during these trips I’ll be launching some big projects on the web.

Needless to say, I am a little fried. I am loving life, though!

7 thoughts on “Manhattan Love”

  1. I got lost a few times when I first rode on the train haha.
    I live in Brooklyn. I see alot of Manhattan but I understand. It takes some effort.

  2. Welcome to NYC!
    And yes BK is waaayyyy too far. Everyone in BK is always saying we’re too far. I live in Clinton Hill when I first moved to NY 5 years ago and it was cute but doesn’t compare to Harlem at all. I love Harlem… definitely take that walk up in the summer.
    I could never live in Manhattan. Its too congested, the apt are too small for the amount your paying for rent, plus when I go out I like to think that I’m going somewhere. So when I’m downtown and its time to go home, its a short cab ride and I actually feel like I went somewhere.
    But that’s just me. Again welcome to NYC, and glad its treating you well so far!

  3. I feel the same as living in Manhattan. I rarely go to Brooklyn. When you live in the city, everything is here for you. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. You get spoiled by all of the conveniences. So glad to have you here, Liz!
    And, as Tai has said is a wonderful way to get around the city. I am so glad I heard about it here

  4. Hey Liz!! So I will be moving to Newark for a new job and I’ll be living in downtown Newark…near one of the Universities. And I didn’t realize how close NYC is. I can’t wait, I’ll be in NYC next weekend and I have to be up there for work by the end of the month. I’m not looking forward to cold weather what so ever.
    Yesterday it was in the 40’s here in Atlanta and I was FREEZING!!
    I’ll be commuting to NYC for a few months, while our office is being completed.
    Can’t wait to hear of more of your city stories.

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