It’s Officially Kanye Season

I don’t mean to post twice in the same hour, but can we talk about how amped I am about Kanye’s next album? Kanye is the only artist who comes close to my obsession with Mimi, and for good reason.

I love Kanye Season: the period of time when Kanye comes back and graces us with some new tracks. The time between his first single leaking and the album dropping (leaking) is usually my favorite time of year. I think Kanye might be the only artist I get excited about hearing new stuff from, every time. Mimi is so hot/cold and Beyonce will force me to like her new stuff even if I don’t initially.

Kanye Season is also the time I tend to forgive Yeezy for his egotistical transgressions (Taylor Swift, et al) and just let him be great inside my iTunes. I can’t wait for Good Ass Job to drop!

Kanye West featuring Dwele – Power by Hypetrak

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