I would blog…

I had intentions of blogging my entire trip of Costa Rica, just to get in the habit of you know, putting content on this here blog. But the wi-fi is slow at my hotel, and I’m not really at the hotel long enough to really put coherent thoughts together….and my blog takes mad bandwidth just to log in (love you Movable Type!), so I am just going to check in when I get the urge. For the most part you can check out my pics and captions here at my tumblr (nee iPhone Booth), which I send while passing through my hotel lobby most days.

Hard core internetting with my friends on a Friday night. We are too exhausted to go anywhere else tonight.

One thought on “I would blog…”

  1. Hey Liz,
    I hope you’re enjoying your vacation. If you use a PC, then Windows Live Writer is actually a great offline blog tool. You can compose your blog on the PC without worrying about slow bandwidth speed and then publish to the web whenever you’re done.
    Just a thought.
    Take care!

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