Helping You Get to BlogHer '10 and Blogging While Brown

Just a quick note to brag tell you about some blogging conferences I am excited to be attending, and a little bit of help on how you can attend, if interested.

Blogging While Brown

First, there’s Blogging While Brown, a conference for bloggers of color. I’ve never been to this conference before, but decided to give it a try this year. Plus, I sweet talked Panama into going with me, since it’s in DC this June.  Registraton is currently $150.00 (it will probably go up soon, I just don’t know how soon) but I found a 10% discount code on Mashable’s event listing. Give it a try: BWBMASH2010. Don’t say I never did anything for you!

BlogHer ’10

Second, there’s BlogHer ’10 taking place here in NYC this August 6-7. I  remember the dark ages of the Internets before BlogHer  first started, and we were asking “where are all the female bloggers?” BlogHer has since blossomed into this large network with a full blown conference.  While I have wanted to go for quite some time, I never made it to a conference because I was a broke grad school student who couldn’t afford the trip. This year, the conference is in NYC, on my turf, so there’s almost no excuse for me NOT to go.

Actually, there is a teeny excuse. The conference is sold out. But don’t fret, there is a ticket swap thread on that you can query and/or stalk those who have tickets to sell. I know, you’re probably thinking it’s not worth trying in a big public forum, but try it out. I found the thread weeks ago but I kept forgetting to check it for new posts. Last Friday I added the RSS feed of the comments thread to my  feed reader (and put the feed at the top of my list so I could easily see when it had new items) and by Sunday afternoon (after about 3 failed attempts) I had myself a ticket! It was transferred over to me by the wonderful folks at BlogHer by Monday and now I am all set! So, give it a try. I have noticed a lot of early bird ticket holders are having to cancel, so you might even snag yourself a good rate.

Anyway that’s my helpful blogging conference tips for today! Good luck!

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