Heads Up: HelloBeautiful.com Says You Need To Know Me

HelloBeautiful 25 Black Women to Know: Liz Burr
Thank you HelloBeautiful!


Over at VerySmartBrothas, we get lots of e-mail–many of which are press releases. This morning I opened our inbox to find a press release announcing Hello Beautiful.com’s 25 Black Women You Should Know About, a list that includes yours truly!

Obviously you’re already ahead of the game, because you know (of) me (since you’re here on my site;)), but read  the writeup on me and check out the other 24 (AWESOME!) women. I don’t know why I was chosen to be in such great company, but I am very inspired by these ladies!

11 thoughts on “Heads Up: HelloBeautiful.com Says You Need To Know Me”

  1. Congratulations…I can’t promise I’ll read about all 25 women, but I will say (from what little knowledge/experience I have to go on) that you deserve to be on such a list.

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