Have I Really Been Blogging For Five Years?

As I begin blogging at work, I just realized something: I have been blogging for almost five years. Back in March 2003, I started my very first blog on one of those blogging services, and….just kept it moving. It feels a little odd knowing that a hobby of mine eventually turned into somewhat of a career move. I get to  blog at work. I get to manage blogs at work. I’m seen as a blogging expert on the job. Actually, combined with having to redesign a website for my sorority chapter in school, blogging is probably what got me where I am today. It pointed me in the right direction, whether it be blogging as a blogger, or becoming engrossed in the blogosphere and exploring it for  knowledge and connections with people I would not otherwise connect with.

I don’t have the most extensive archives available for the public, but I have saved  every post I’ve ever written. I often switched psuedonyms over the years, starting new bogs, and killing them only to start a new one all over again (there was a method to this madness, but nothing I’d care to go into right now). Part of the reason why I don’t show my archives now is because it was full of young woman, quarter-life crisis angst. I still have some of my quarter-life angst to rid myself of, but for now, the archives will remain private. Honestly, I am just too busy to go through and decide what should be public, what shouldn’t, and correct my punctuation mistakes. Maybe one day, I’ll share.

Either way, go check me out on Correlations, where I blog about science, technology, and other things. This is just one of the many blog projects I have going on  in 2008.  I’ll  write about my others later on. 

5 thoughts on “Have I Really Been Blogging For Five Years?”

  1. Should I feel like a dinosaur because I started my first blog in 1997 on Geocities, in raw HTML, before they got bought out?
    You kids these days and your fancy blogging engines … *grin*

  2. @Hannibal: lol. I think technically I started “blogging” in 1999 for a site called PowerStudents.com where I wrote about my experience as an incoming Freshman at MIT. It was a pretty cool setup, but of course, the site was a casualty of the internet crash and thus my entries are there no longer.

  3. I agree with Bill Cammack! U go girl! 5 years. I am so proud of you! I hope you are inspired to eventually write a book about your experiences online! 😉 I will buy i!

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