Favorite Blogs of the Month

I’m one of those people who reads blogs and never comments. If you ever see me comment on a blog, it must be a serious matter going on someway somehow. I’m not sure why I stopped commenting on blogs. I know it’s common courtesy to comment if you like a blog, but I think I read so many blogs, I can’t make time to comment on all of them. I’m a lurker. You can’t even be mad at me though, because I know you (yes YOU, reader) are lurking on my blog right now. And what?

In order to get myself out of lurk mode, and give a few props to some blogs I am enjoying, I thought I would take some time to list the blogs I am currently in love with. I might do this once a month. It depends on how my month goes.

On with my fave blogs of the month!

  1. Accidental Beauty. I’m not a big beauty blog reader. I watch beauty vloggers on YouTube, and as a result, every makeup tip I have ever learned (after the year 2003) has come from the Internets. I get a few complements here and there, so I must be doing something right.  Part of my frustration with beauty vloggers has been none of those broads are my color (or even close), so I never know what to buy when I get to the makeup counter. Anyway, I love Resha’s Accidental Beauty blog because she’s thorough, I love her results, and she provides a great mix of drug store and department store cosmetics & supplies. I also dig her site and web strategy, so it also satisfies the web nerd in me. I can’t hang if your site is too janky.
  2. A True Tale. I don’t usually like blogs about babies and parents (save dooce) but I am so in loooove with the baby blog of my Internets pal Clarence. The pics are cute, the tales are cute….and I mean, the baby’s name is TRUE.  Coolest baby name ever. True.
  3. Ragamuffin Soul. Soo…I don’t really talk about this much in public (or online) but I am a fairly conservative Christian kinda girl. Both of my parents attended ministry school, I can’t remember a time in my life without being in church and I try to lead my life as Christ would. (That was so corny, btw).  I don’t go to church because I like to dress up or out of habit; my faith is a very important part of my life, that I take pretty seriously.  It’s always a struggle though, ha. Anyhoo, I have run across Carlos Whitaker’s blog a few times over the years, and decided to subscribe recently due to his son and the Single Ladies video that went viral last month. I am thankful for finding Carlos’ blog because…well it’s nice to read some contemporary Christians online. Maybe part of the reason I am so private about my Christian life is because I rarely feel like I have any Christians I can relate to besides people over 50. That, and most Christians work my nerves. But that’s a whole ‘nother talk show.
  4. Blogussion. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk shop. Blogussion is one of my favorite blogs to find tips about blogging, generating site traffic, writing online, or tricking out the Thesis WordPress theme my site runs on. It’s written by this kid who is like 12 years old and makes millions of dollars online. Okay, that might be a stretch, but still, it’s good stuff. Go take a lookey-look.

Alright. That’s all I have for this month. Go forth and surf the Internets.

Favorite Things: Virgin America

Note: In an effort to stop being a lazy blogger fill this blog with content about moi, I have decided to start a section called Favorite Things, all about–you guessed it– my favorite things. I always like to ask people for their take on any given product or service before I try it out for myself, and I am often asked about products or advice on certain products and services. I figured I would write a blog about my favorite things in an effort to share knowledge. Hopefully I will learn  a thing or two about whatever it is I am ranting or raving about, and you will too. No, I am not getting paid to do this.

I have decided that Virgin America is the best airline that will fit my (hopefully) bicoastal lifestyle. I first heard about the airline through the homie OJ, who put me on about their prices. A one-way flight from LA to the east coast runs me somewhere between $109-$139. I spent years living in Boston and rarely came home to LA because I couldn’t find a ticket less than $300! Now I have finally found a place that reliably has prices under $300 for a roundtrip, crosscountry flight.

What I love most about Virgin America is that ticket prices generally stay the same over time. For example, yesterday I bought a one-way ticket to New York City to travel this week. Weeks ago, the price was $109. Yesterday the price was $109. I fly in a few days. No price hike! Virgin America is perfect for the last minute jetsetter (or procrastinator) in you. I think the prices may hike if you try to purchase the day of or maybe even the day before, but for the most part, travel date price hike is nonexistent. Prices may not always be as cheap as $109 depending on your day of travel, but whatever the price you are quoted you can usually be sure it will stay the same as your travel date draws near.

Other lovliness includes:

  • Electricity at every seat–and no you don’t need to buy an airplaine adaptor, it takes your regular plugs
  • Your own TV screen with channels you would actually watch
  • Mood lighting (not sure why this matters, but they advertise it and I mean, who else has mood lighting?)
  • Check 1 bag for FREE (hating that Delta started charging for bags lately), first class ballers check 2 bags for free.
  • New Plane Smell: all of their planes are new (for now). You know sometimes you may find yourself on some funkdafied planes–not on Virgin America! 
  • Internets: They should be adding internet to all planes soon. I can’t wait!

Some non-loveliness:

  • The airline currently flies in major cities on the east and west coasts (and Vegas), so Middle America will have to wait it out and see if they get any love.
  • You may see some price inflation for flights that require a layover (i.e. flying LAX to JFK and stopping in SFO adds an extra $100+ to your flight price, in some cases). Most people like non-stop flights, and these layover flights are generally out of the way anyway.

Some of you may know about this lovely airline, but I assume a lot of  people don’t, since Virgin America ticket prices don’t show up in travel search engines like Farecast, Orbitz or Travelocity. I have been sharing this little gem with friends and they’re always surprised at the prices.  Next time you’re looking for a non-stop, cross-country flight, take virginamerica.com for a spin. If you have any other flight-saving experiences, make sure you hit me up in the comments.

Favorite New Blog

Two of my really good friends have decided to go half on a blog and impart their wisdom on the world: Very Smart Brothas. If you’ve caught me on Twitter, MySpace or Facebook for the past week, I’ve been pushin’ the blog like my life depended on it. Just a lil sly marketing on my part.

I hold these two men very close to my heart, by the way. The blog isn’t for everyone (or all ages), but it focuses on love and relationships from a Very Smart Brotha point of view. Over the years, ‘Panama’ and ‘The Champ’ have been my go-to dudes when I need relationship/love advice. They give it to me straight, but then again, they may be the reasons why I stay single. Ha. Just kidding. They’ve talked me down from and out of the stickiest of dating situations. Anyway, I’m glad they can share their wit, humor, and thoughts on relationships with everyone. Check it out.