It’s Holy Week: My Journey Back to Church

A year ago this month, I decided I was going to attempt to take my faith in God seriously. I grew up in a Christian home with parents who were very much like biblical scholars but often times poor in application when it came to their marriage. Their divorce and inability to get along hardened my heart when it came to the Christian community. As a teenager, I felt that my parents were hypocrites, holding their bibles close to the chest and being pious towards others, meanwhile back at the crib I had to call the police on them (several times) due to their domestic violence disputes. It never added up to me.

I’mma keep it real. Christians got on my last nerve with their duplicitous behavior. I had no problems with Christ. I had every problem with Christians.

Eventually I let these problems wear on my relationship with God. Because Christians got on my nerves, I would only go to church whenever I felt like it (read: maybe twice a month if I were lucky) until I rarely ever went. Pissed off at either duplicitous Christians or seemingly fake Christians, I resolved that I would go to church and just not talk to anybody. Yes, I thought this was a good idea. Later I realized not only was this not how God designed the Church, but this was counteractive to my spiritual growth (you can’t grow in a vacuum); furthermore, this made me no better than the hypocritical Christians I had beef with.


So, I took my skepticism to church despite my beef. I told God that I was going to be obedient and do church, but I wasn’t gonna like it. Luckily I found a place were there was no pretense. No cliques. Nobody pretending to be something for somebody else. Just regular people you see on the street every day. Normal but not normal (right? because we are not of this world).

It blew my mind. So much so that I joined said church, got baptized, got involved as a leader, made friends and now? I love Christians. I don’t know why many of them like to pretend they don’t have some very jacked up lives. But, they do. We do. I do. And that’s okay. While we are called to lead perfect lives, we should know that we will never be perfect. But a lot of Chrstians will have you think they’re perfect.

What I really needed was a commuity of Christians who weren’t just going to church just to go, but who were actively denying themselves for God. Who were actively applying God in their lives, and not just giving people lip service. I’m trying not to judge Christians for this. It’s a balance, as I have to be sure I don’t fall into the trap of arrogance or maintain a judgemental mentality. So, I’m trying to check that as well. But, let’s be real. If Christians really did what the Bible asks us to do, we would have much better PR in this world.

Anyway. It’s Holy Week. Easter is on Sunday. I am going to be sharing a few more things about my journey to church and spiritual growth on the blog this week. Tomorrow it’ll be about sex and dating, and why I thought it would be a good idea to lead a bible study group about said topics.

4 Ways to Learn More About Me & My Work

It’s been a busy past few weeks. Between GRAMMY week decompress (still need to blog about that!), VSB press, client work, and my looking for a job (yeah, about that…), my life has been a bit hectic. I did manage to squeeze in four interviews you can check out:

  1. I talked with W Social Marketing about my work with The Recording Academy and general social media loveliness. Read the interview over there: The GRAMMYs, Blogging, & Social Gaming: Interview with Liz Burr
  2. I talked with Kimberly Foster about social media, my work with VSB and my general career path. We had a great chat! Listen to my interview here: Liz Burr Discusses New Media and Community Building
  3. I was featured last week as the “Natural Chick of the Week” on the Thank God I’m Natural blog. I was asked to talk about my hair (of course) as well as my experience going on a 40-day fast. I don’t usually talk about my fasting very publicly, but I have been fasting off and on since 2005 and in October 2010 I completed my first 40-day fast (juice and water). You can read my full story: Natural Chick of the Week: Liz Burr (The 40 Day Juice Faster)
  4. This one isn’t really about me, but my side piece, Very Smart Brothas. The blog was in The Washington Post today (Style section, what!). We interviewed for this article a little while ago, and now it’s out! Peep the article and my (very brief) shout out: “Very Smart Brothas’ blog answers African Americans’ questions on life, love and culture”

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of talking about myself. These were all lovely interviews to be apart of! I’m thankful people care enough to invite me to give them a piece of my mind!

Haiti Day 3: Bonne Année!

Note: This is the third entry in a series of posts about my first visit to Haiti on Dec 30-Jan 2. You can read the first post here, and the second post here. The events in this post took place on January 1, 2011.

It was New Year’s Day in Haiti and we woke up bright and early for our last clinic day. This clinic day was special because it would take place at the hospital where we had been staying. Also, we were going to have a short day so we could have a luncheon to thank the Haitian medical students, doctors, and interpreters we worked with all week.

Hopital de Miracia
The entrance to our dorm quarters at Hopital de Miracia.

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Haiti Day 2: My First Clinic Day

Note: This is the second entry in a series of posts about my first visit to Haiti on Dec 30-Jan 2. You can read the first post here. The events in this post took place on December 31, 2010.

PB&J, PB&N sammiches for lunch
PB&J, PB&N sammiches for lunch

The day started super early at 5:30 am. We were served a somewhat peculiar (to me) breakfast. It was some sort of porridge-looking meal. I’m not gonna lie: all the meals looked suspect at first, but when I ate them, they were always super tasty and filling. I’m pretty sure I went back for seconds on every meal. Big, sloppy seconds.

While eating breakfast, I noticed a small group of my teammates were making sandwiches:  peanut butter & jelly, and peanut butter & nutella. These sandwiches would be our lunch later on in the day. The lunch team prepped them the morning of every clinic day, and packed them back into bread bags for transport to our clinic site.

Karen and James hauling team supplies to our bus
Karen and James hauling team supplies to our bus

We gathered our team supplies for the day (a dozen or so suitcases filled with medical supplies) and lugged them down the road where our bus was waiting. Our bus was a  big white bus with huge windows. I was told our bus wasn’t like the city buses in Port Au Prince, but more like the buses that travel longer distances in Haiti. Kind of like our Greyhound buses. Or driver, Maxy, worked for one of the churches we partnered with. I soon learned Maxy loved to honk his horn. Whatever it took to get us from point A to point B, Maxy had it covered. Continue reading “Haiti Day 2: My First Clinic Day”