Called Out

It seems that my esteemed fellow MIT alum, Bill Cammack, felt the need to call me out regarding my website stats.

Like Bill, I know you were all keeping score of my stats and too wondered what had happened.

The truth is, I often times don’t know what to do about this blog. Sure, I write about things I feel like getting off my chest in regards to what’s going on with my professional community. But sometimes, I don’t necessarily enjoy writing about those things. I have my musings, my opinions, but rarely do they ever make it to my blog window. I have a few IM conversations, I might tweet about the topic once or twice–and I am done. I was never really into writing about these things on a blog because that’s not why I began blogging years ago. I have always been a personal blogger. In the past I wrote about my life, and left the water cooler web professionals to muse about the industry on their blogs–blogs that I read faithfully. These days I figure that a domain with my name on it deserves to be a place where I can leave my own thoughts—at my own pace.

So Bill needs to fall back, my site stats don’t concern me!

To an extent, Bill is right, in a round about way. I need to at least post regularly. So, that being said, I am going to try my best to be regular around here, and put more effort into shaping what it is I think this place should be.


5 thoughts on “Called Out”

  1. Hi Liz, welcome back to . . .your site.
    I, too, struggle with what to put on my personal web site. I know I want to keep it so that people are directed to it when searching for me. However, I want it to be more than just a marketing tool. Until I figure it out, I use Twitter Tools to collect my tweets into a daily digest.

  2. hahahahaha Oh, that’s FUNNY! 😀
    Yeah, be on the lookout for Liz’s posts right around the time of The Great Pumpkin and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, HAHAHAHAHA 😀

  3. @Bill hush!!
    @oux: see, i am trying to help my readers out. they don’t have time to play catchup on my daily blog ramblings. I do it for the people.
    @Anjuan: Hmm, I might look into Twitter Tools or some such to integrate on my site.

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