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  1. @Andre, I love Jia’s work on YouTube. She always keeps it real.
    @Jennifer, thanks for the link! I respect the man for his hustle, but not necessarily at the price paid behind it. I am glad he is somewhat aware of why people are bothered by him. Re: him going into banking? You couldn’t pay me to trust Bob with my money.
    @testbet: Awesome cartoon, thanks for dropping it through LOL. I think it speaks volumes about him and his shenanigans as of late.

  2. Liz,
    I really respect your comments about Bob Johnson acting a fool tryin’ to clown Obama for Hillary. And I fully feel you on the sorry state of BET. As a producer sometimes a BET exec will flat out tell me that there are certain type of high concept or global afro-centric shows that would not fit on BET because they know their core audiences would not watch them or get them.
    And to be fair the same BET exec told me that shows like Flavor of Love would never fly on BET because it would get boycotted off the air. VH1 does not even get a fraction of the heat that BET does. And VH1 has way more programs that make sistas look silly like I Love New York and Charm School in addition to Flava’s dating train wreck series.
    So in the end BET is guilty of promoting the same type of low budget or no budget shows that appeal to the lowest common denominator. But BET conversely cannot even make a stereotypical–yet commercial shows–like Flavor of Love and I Love New York that actually are huge cable hits with black households. And you have to have hit shows to be able to take chances with better programming. There are a few popular shows on BET that they do not even pay for. BET just airs them because it is not actually costing them anything besides editing and promotion costs.
    BET does have a single camera Southern sitcom called Somebodies coming soon that will be the more different than their present lineup. But until Somebodies does drops BET will continue to be the scorn of critics and an easy target for activists always wanting something far better than it was ever designed to be…Money out.

  3. Thanks David for your response, sorry I am taking so long to respond.
    I agree, I think BET has a pretty big PR deficit to break through. I’ve noticed they are improving little by little. If anything they’ve improved production of their programming since Bob left. In addition, BETJ is very surprising with its programming choices. I actually am surprised BET is capable of making a channel that doesn’t embarrass me. Haha.
    Thanks for the heads up on Somebodies. I’ll be looking for it, because even though BET works my nerves, I still want to see them succeed in gaining a happy constituency, myself included.

  4. Liz,
    I actually wanted to know what you think about TVOne really being an alternative to BET and BET J. My family and myself are going to be featured on a TVOne reality show next month called Family Reunion. They show is self explanatory and it is a series about several different African-American family reunions. It was quite an undertaking getting my large family on tape and willing to talk openly. But the show is the first of many attempts by TVOne to try to close the viewers and advertiser gap with BET.
    I also saw a report recently that BET’s ratings were down not because of any boycotts, but because more and more cable stations like TBS and VH1 creating their own urban shows.
    I cringe sometimes when I watch Tyler Perry’s House of Payne because some of the lead sistas are portrayed way worse than on BET shows. One is a recovering crack addict and the other is a recovering scam artist. I mean this week they had an episode where Allen Payne’s son brought home a 13 old pregnant girl to a family dinner. The girl’s mother had to learn on the show that her husband and the girl’s step father was the father of the baby. This is suppose to be a sitcom. If House of Payne was an original BET show without Tyler Perry’s name it would be boycotted to death by social critics or it would never have gotten produced in the first place.
    And VH1 announced they are going to create an interracial dating show where a white man with bi-racial sons looks for a black women to be his wife. Again BET and TVOne are getting scooped by VH1 to create an original urban reality show concept when few new ones exist.
    So to me BET and TVOne are still taking baby steps with their programming choices while any mainstream network can jump in on a dime and create popular black or urban shows. That is all I gotta say right now…Money out.

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