Black Friday Came And Went

Being the nerd and cheapskate that I am (always love a deal), Black Friday is naturally one of my favorite days of the year. I like to get up early, and hit one or two stores (not too many, or it’s a wrap) to find the best deal on something electronic. A digital camera, a DVD player, memory of some sort, digital storage. I scope out sites like beforehand, so I know which stores to hit up.

This year, it was slim pickins. I didn’t like any of the cameras on sale (none were better than the beat up camera that I have and love), I don’t need a TV (even though I tried to come up with some excuses as to why and where I would put a new LCD HDTV), I just bought an external drive the other day. Needles to say, my Black Friday was a bust. I ended up buying some DVD-Rs, and CD-Rs for next to nothing, and I copped Season 3 of The Wire for half off. I would have liked something glitzier for this year, but eh. I guess I’ll pocket the money.

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