Biking Across Africa

The other day, Natalie Sission of tweeted about how she signed up to bike across Africa. The tweet caught my eye because…who bikes across (or in this case, down?) an entire continent? Like, how is that even possible?

I did a little clicking around and discovered Natalie is doing this trip with Tour d’Afrique, and it is traveling from Cairo to Cape Town in 4 months (January – May). I don’t know about you, but this sounds ridiculously AWESOME. I don’t even have a bike. Well, I do but it’s in LA and I literally have only ridden it once. It’s cute and purple though. The point is, I am severely out of shape (but working on it!) and I don’t like bikes…naturally. But I could learn? When I was a kid my mom and I would bike from Central Orange County (where I grew up) to Newport Beach and back. That’s gotta count for something, right?

There’s a desire in my heart to do more traveling to see the world and help others. While biking through Africa may not achieve this in a very hands-on manner, I think this trip could be a good starter trip to the continent. I’m going to think it over. Obviously I can’t make this happen for 2011, but I might put it on the list for 2012.

The other day¬† I was seriously thinking about training for a 10K and half marathon. When I was in LA, I was really interested in training for half marathons and more races, but it didn’t work out for one reason or another (let’s be real: I’m lazy). I dunno what it is, but now that I am getting my grown woman health on, I feel like sangin’ living with more adventure.

8 thoughts on “Biking Across Africa”

  1. i was once part of a fundraiser in which 5 people decided to walk the longest street in the province.
    it took 40 days and 40 nights. THIS is jaw-droppingly awe inspiring!!!

    1. Wow, that’s a lot of walking! lol.

      I honestly think this is a great way to see the continent. I am seriously going to think about it. I need to figure out long distance biking. I do like spinning, that’s gotta count for something!

  2. Hey Liz

    So glad you picked up my tweet and ran with it. You should totally come on this epic journey. I’ve booked it for 2012 – there’s a bit of work to be done before hand like getting a bike again!


    1. Aw, thanks for dropping by Natalie! I am going to think about it. Part of the reason I haven’t biked in so long is because I have a bruised tailbone. But, if I get it looked into maybe I can be in shape for training. Going to keep thinking about it!

  3. I sat on a bus for 2 days from Nairobi to Mandera (about 1,088 km or some ish). Anyway, I almost died from the lack of air-conditioning and food (did I mention there was no food on the bus???). I mean it was so damn hot, I didn’t even have an appetite. *sigh* The dust was in my eyes because the windows didn’t close properly.

    Yeah, I can’t imagine biking through Africa. She does know that there are no bike trails right and that there are mountains. Is she aware of dust storms??? I mean….I can’t.

    1. LOL yeah the tour info says there’s pretty much no good paved roads once you leave Egypt, and that some areas are super high in altitude. It’s weird because neither a mountain bike nor a superlight racing bike are more advantageous for the entire trip due to the changes in conditions. If I went, I would be in the expedition camp, not the racers lol.

  4. Your post reminds of a point in the “Follow the White Rabbit” scene from the Matrix, where Neo opens the door and then he’s asked if he wants to go the club, neo says no because he got to go to work and then he sees the white rabbit…

    i enjoyed connecting with you in #wcnyc.

    1. JP! I love love looove The Matrix. One of the few movies I know in and out. As for me, chasing the white rabbit….not sure, I am going to think about it for a little while lol:)

      Enjoyed meeting you this weekend!

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